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The Certificate in PAC & Grassroots Management program can easily be completed in two years, but participants should expect to complete all requirements within three years.

Certificate completion requires 25 credits. The number of credits per program will be
awarded as follows:

Click here for a list of all eligible programs.

Additional credit information:

  • Only participation in live webinars is eligible for certificate credit. Purchase of webinar recordings is not applicable. Additionally, only those individuals actually registered for the webinar are eligible to receive credit.
  • Credits earned through participation in webinars are capped at a maximum of 5 credits. Participating virtually in events offered in-person at our Washington offices do not count toward this maximum. However, to earn credit as a virtual participant, we require that you engage on the virtual platform and be logged in and active for the duration of the event, ask questions and provide feedback and commentary during discussion periods.
  • Attendance and participation throughout an entire event is required to receive credit in any program; registration without attendance or early departure from an event will not count towards certificate completion.

Community credits may be earned for the following activities (achievement of these credits are subject to the discretion of Council staff):

  • Serving as a mentor for one year (mentee must confirm participation) — 1 credit
  • Serving as an active member of The Advocacy or National PAC Conference Advisory Committee, at the discretion of Council staff (active members participate in advisory committee meetings and calls, or connect with staff when not available to participate in meetings; submit speaker and program suggestions; actively promote the conference to colleagues and peers; and support conference success through participation, attendance, submission of relevant resources and active involvement in conference activities). Credit for this will be awarded after the relevant conference occurs — 1 credit
  • Submitting grassroots- and/or PAC-related resources to be shared in the Council’s resource library — 1 credit per five resources submitted, up to a maximum of 2 credits
  • Serving as a speaker at a related Council program (at the discretion of Council staff) — 1 credit
  • Writing an article or tip sheet for use on the Council’s website or in the PIN Points newsletter (in conjunction with Council staff) — 1 credit

NOTE: Since the Public Affairs Council has no input on the agenda or content of programs held by other organizations, credit will not be given for attendance at non-Council PAC or grassroots training programs.

Specialization: To specialize in either grassroots or PAC management, participants must accrue at least 15 credits from programs related to their area of specialization.

To download the application, click here.

To download the self-tracking form, click here.