October 5, 2016
1 p.m. − 4 p.m. EDT

The Political Management Forum is a series of 3 seminars (Effective PAC Management, Effective Grassroots Management, and Political Compliance Management).

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Are you tired of running your grassroots program by the seat of your pants? Do you promise yourself each fall that next year you’ll make a plan and stick to it?

Join other corporate and association grassroots managers to learn which tactics form the backbone of a successful grassroots program and how to lead by design rather than by whim.

We’ll outline the key grassroots management principles that build a comprehensive and sound structure for running your advocacy program. And you’ll learn how best to build a lasting plan for your grassroots, master best practices and determine if you are abiding by these management musts:

  1. Regularly Auditing Your Activities
  2. Creating Realistic Budgets
  3. Developing Strategic Annual Plans
  4. Evaluating and Using Outside Vendors and Contractors
  5. Integrating With Other Functions and Departments
  6. Using Data to Assess Key Assets and Areas for Growth
  7. Educating Your Target Audiences
  8. Actively Recruiting New Advocates
  9. Maintaining Ongoing Communications
  10. Measuring and Benchmarking Your Progress

After outlining these core management principles, we’ll put them in context as you gain insights from your peers and hear case studies from successful grassroots programs that have made these principles work for them.

Speakers will share how a commitment to these management principles means more educated, energized and effective advocates and a greater impact on the key decision makers and issues with which they engage.

“I enjoyed the format and depth of topics discussed. The mix of attendees was great for new ideas.

— Marsha Burton, manager, corporate brand & communication, Navistar Inc.

This program is eligible for 2 credits towards the
Certificate in PAC & Grassroots Management.

Are you looking for ways for your grassroots efforts to work in conjunction with your PAC? If so, you should also join us for the Effective PAC Management as well as the Political Compliance Management session. Receive a discount for attending multiple meetings.