The Value of CSR in International Public Affairs

13 Jan, 2016

Read about several successful examples of projects that match an organization’s core skills, products and CSR focus with the specific needs of the communities in which they operate.

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Webinar Recording: International Corporate Social Responsibility

31 Jan, 2013

by Rose Flenorl, Tara GrecoPURCHASE For multinational corporations, it’s no longer enough to have locally focused social responsibility programs; these efforts must also be global. When planning an international program, organizations must understand diverse needs, cultures, regulations and expectations. In this webinar, professionals with successful CSR programs will share...

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Council Tipsheet: Working with NGOs on CSR Initiatives – Domestically and Internationally

30 Nov, 2012

Why Partner: Strategic partnerships and alliances with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profits can provide opportunities to match corporate CSR programs with the expertise and additional external capacity needed to help fulfill CSR goals and objectives.  Strong, sustainable partnerships also help build the corporate reputation and credibility that support a...

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Solving The Chinese Puzzle

29 Nov, 2012

Business in China Finds a Key Piece: The Corporate Citizenship Program In China, a company’s ability to get things done is closely linked with its ability to provide for the public good. This is because solid government relationships are crucial to smooth business operations. Companies that make sincere efforts...

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