An Update on Public Affairs in Russia

13 Jan, 2016

Our guide covers the basics of public affairs in Russia, as well as recent economic and political developments that could affect your function’s operations in the region — and how to respond accordingly.

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Hiring in Brussels

31 Jan, 2013

Executive search firms specialized and offering public affairs/ corporate communications recruitment services in Brussels, Belgium. Please click for document:  Hiring In Brussels

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New Council International Benchmarking Report Highlights Training and Organizational Opportunities

30 Nov, 2012

Company managers who work abroad, and who are accountable for international public affairs, often have little or no training in the field, according to findings in the Council’s newly released 2010-2011 International Public Affairs Benchmarking Report. The report contains findings on the role of the country manager, the typical...

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Recruiters Face Hiring “Free For All,” Asia Institute Told

29 Nov, 2012

By Sheree Anne Kelly China – Population: 1.3 billion. Asia – Population: 4 billion. With all those people, you’d think American companies seeking to hire qualified staff would have a field day. Well-educated Asian professionals would be eager to sign on with international employers, and long and productive relationships...

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