Public Affairs Council Hires Kristin Brackemyre to Manage PAC and Advocacy Practices

27 Jul, 2017

The Public Affairs Council is pleased to announce that Kristin Brackemyre has been hired as the Council’s new manager of PAC and advocacy practices.

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Innovative PACs Break New Ground

08 Mar, 2017

Congrats to Nationwide’s PAC (NPAC) and the Air Line Pilots Association’s PAC (ALPA-PAC), winners of Innovation Awards for outstanding corporate and association PACs. Both organizations were honored at the PAC Conference in Miami. Read more.

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2016 PAC Awards: Building Through Buy-In

09 Mar, 2016

Pfizer PAC and NABPAC, the PAC of the National Association of Broadcasters, received the Council’s 2016 PAC Awards on March 9 for their outstanding PAC initiatives that showcase creativity, inclusiveness and overall relevance to their organization.

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Video: Corporate PACs and the Role of Political Transparency

26 Feb, 2016

In this new video, the Council's Hannah Wesolowski discusses a growing trend of increased transparency surrounding corporate political activities as a means of increasing trust, improving understanding and showing the value of political activity.

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Criminal Prosecution for Campaign Violations?

22 Feb, 2016

The sentence handed down this past June to a Virginia political operative convicted of coordinating his super PAC’s activities with a congressional campaign he ran might seem harsh. But if so, it was intended to be.

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How the Omnibus Bill Affects Political Activity Disclosure

15 Jan, 2016

On Dec. 18, President Obama signed an omnibus spending bill that will fund the federal government through September 2016. Like the 2014 omnibus spending measure, the new bill includes several provisions affecting political disclosure.

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Does Anybody Care About Campaign Finance Reform?

22 Dec, 2015

Journalists often draw a straight line from the nation’s method of financing political campaigns to ethical breeches and the unpopularity of government. And many Americans are uneasy about the roles money plays in politics. But is campaign finance truly a widespread concern?

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Key Steps to Building a Peer-to-Peer PAC Program

18 Dec, 2015

Building a peer-to-peer program takes time. Before you begin recruiting peers, you have to build internal support, collect your information and develop tools to help them succeed. This members-only resource will guide you through these opening stages.

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Integrating Your PAC at Your Fly-In

22 Sep, 2015

Fly-in attendees, if eligible for the PAC, are a key audience to reach about your PAC. They are in Washington or your state capital because they understand the power of advocacy. The Council's Hannah Wesolowski suggests two paths toward fly-in/PAC integration: recognition and fundraising.

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Council Releases 2015 PAC Benchmarking Reports

Cover of 2015 Corporate PAC Benchmarking Report
30 Jul, 2015

On July 30, the Council released the 2015 Corporate PAC Benchmarking Report and the 2015 Association PAC Benchmarking Report, the most comprehensive reports of their kind. The surveys covered the topics of PAC governance and oversight, leadership involvement in the PAC, staffing and budget priorities, solicitation and recognition techniques,...

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How to Grow Your PAC

02 Jun, 2015

In a new Council video, 2015 Outstanding Corporate PAC Award recipient Stephen Ciccone of Toyota shares a few key strategies for growing your PAC, including establishing a brand for the PAC and building real relationships with donors.

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Public Affairs Council Launches 2017 PAC Benchmarking Survey

24 Mar, 2015

The Public Affairs Council is pleased to announce the launch of our 2017 PAC Benchmarking Survey, which closes April 21. This rigorous study examines the structure, management and fundraising activities of corporate and association political action committees.

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2015 PAC Awards: Forging Stronger Bonds

25 Feb, 2015

Toyota/Lexus PAC and the Air Line Pilots Association PAC received the Council's inaugural PAC Awards for their outstanding initiatives that showcase creativity, inclusiveness and organizational relevance.

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FEC Raises Contribution Limits and Bundling Disclosure Threshold

04 Feb, 2015

The Federal Election Commission has announced a series of increases in campaign contribution limits for the 2016 cycle and has also raised the lobbyist bundling disclosure threshold, as part of its routine adjustments for inflation.

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Developing a Comprehensive Election Cycle Budget

06 Jan, 2015

Start this election cycle on the right path by taking the time to create a thoughtful contribution strategy for your PAC. Follow these steps to make the greatest impact with your PAC contributions and increase transparency with stakeholders.

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Using Partnerships to Build Your PAC

06 Jan, 2015

Alyssa Aalmo, government affairs manager at Apollo Education Group, offers ideas to use your organization’s existing partnerships and relationships to identify easy, low-cost benefits and activities for your PAC community.

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Omnibus Bill Increases Contribution Limits

22 Dec, 2014

In December, President Obama signed the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act into law. Beyond funding the federal government, the bill makes significant changes that increase the amounts individuals and political action committees may contribute to national party committees for specified purposes.

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Do ‘Colbert’ Viewers Really Understand Campaign Finance?

12 Sep, 2014

A new study suggests that fans of "The Colbert Report" are more knowledgeable about campaign finance and PAC-related issues than those who watch news via major network TV programs, listen to talk radio or read newspapers.

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Great Expectations for Business

06 Aug, 2014

Americans expect companies to create jobs, provide top-quality goods and services and offer a reasonable return on shareholders' investments. But according to the Council's new Public Affairs Pulse survey, the public also expects them to be highly ethical, protect the environment, provide community services and speak out on social...

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Tips for a Successful PAC Board

24 Jun, 2014

A well-organized PAC board sets the stage for the PAC's success, increases transparency and can promote buy-in from new or existing members as a way to incorporate the “people” into the PAC. This members-only resource offers tips on how to create and sustain such a board.

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Council Certification: Personal Growth, Professional Value

23 May, 2014

The Council recently presented its first-ever Certificates in PAC & Grassroots Management to Eastman Chemical Co.'s Anna Wagner and Darden Restaurants Inc.'s Sherry Hulett. They each completed the rigorous 25-credit program in just one year.

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States React to McCutcheon v. FEC and Adjust Aggregate Contribution Limit Rules

17 Apr, 2014

In the wake of the recent McCutcheon v. FEC decision, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP has released additional guidance on how certain states are reexamining their two-year aggregate contribution limits. The Court's decision did not strike down any state aggregate limits, but opens the door for questions...

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Council Unveils Certificate in Public Affairs Management Program

08 Apr, 2014

The Council has launched the first-ever Certificate in Public Affairs Management program, which gives current and rising leaders an opportunity to refine their own expertise and management skills while building a best-in-class, integrated and strategic public affairs function.

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Supreme Court Overturns Two-Year Aggregate Individual Contribution Limit

02 Apr, 2014

On April 2, the Supreme Court struck down the aggregate federal campaign contributions cap an individual may contribute to candidates, party committees and PACs during a two-year election cycle. Those in the campaign finance community have anxiously awaited the results since the case was heard by the court in...

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What Super PACs Mean for Corporations and Associations

02 Apr, 2014

How does a super PAC differ from your organization’s PAC? What has the impact of super PACs been for corporations and associations? Where are super PACs headed, and how will that contribute to the relevance of connected PACs? This members-only resources provides answers to these questions and offers suggestions...

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In Memoriam: Wes Pedersen

06 Dec, 2013

Longtime Council Communications Director Wes Pedersen died Dec. 4 at the age of 91.

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Best Practices for Creating an Effective Brand To Boost Your PAC and Grassroots Programs

02 Dec, 2013

Does your PAC or grassroots program have a recognizable brand identity? What is it? How can you develop it further and use it more effectively?

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Soliciting Your Organization’s Board of Directors

27 Nov, 2013

If you aren't soliciting your Board of Directors for PAC contributions, you could be missing a big opportunity to boost your receipts.

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Corporate and Association PAC Benchmarking Reports

21 Nov, 2013

How does your PAC stack up against those of your peers? The Council's 2013 Corporate and Association PAC Benchmarking Reports help to answer that question.

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Building an Effective PAC Contribution Strategy

13 Nov, 2013

Who needs your PAC dollars the most? The Council’s Hannah Wesolowski says that if you determine that first, you’ll be well on your way to success.

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Most Americans Support PACs, Oppose Federal Campaign Funding: Poll

07 Nov, 2013

Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to using federal tax dollars to fund political campaigns, and many also oppose Super PACs pouring money into elections, according to the 2013 Public Affairs Pulse survey. Yet 73 percent support the involvement of regulated PACs in funding campaigns.

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New York State Restricts Use of Payroll Deductions for PACs

28 Oct, 2013

As of Oct. 9, PACs that operate in New York state can no longer use payroll deductions for employees in their fundraising. Read on for a brief members-only overview of the regulation.

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Eastman: A Case Study in Integrating PAC and Grassroots Programs

15 Oct, 2013

Like many smart companies today, Eastman Chemical Co. has discovered that "smashing the silos," or integrating its various public affairs efforts, makes it much more effective. And that approach has really paid off.

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Incentivizing PAC Involvement

04 Sep, 2013

Conveying the value of your PAC involvement can be a tall order. Here are some tips from Hannah Wesolowski, manager of political involvement practice at the Public Affairs Council, on how to strengthen your PAC's presence throughout your organization and provide additional motivation to potential donors to get involved.

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Supreme Court to Hear Case Challenging Individual Contribution Caps

29 Jul, 2013

The Supreme Court announced that, in October, it will hear the case challenging the cap on federal campaign contributions an individual may make during a two-year election cycle. This is the Court’s first campaign finance case since its 2010 decision in Citizens United, and some worry that it could...

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Council Releases Association PAC Benchmarking Report

11 Jul, 2013

The Public Affairs Council has just released the 2013 Association PAC Benchmarking Report, the third iteration of the report that looks specifically at association PACs and their management strategies. Over 90 association PACs participated in this survey — the largest number of respondents to date.

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Council Releases Corporate PAC Benchmarking Report

27 Jun, 2013

The Public Affairs Council has just released the 2013 Corporate PAC Benchmarking Report, the largest and most comprehensive report of its kind. Over 200 corporate PACs participated in the survey, which covers PAC management, oversight and leadership involvement, staffing and budget priorities, candidate support strategies and fundraising/recognition techniques.

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The Politics of Risk

10 May, 2013

The debate about a possible new Securities and Exchange Commission regulation on political spending is portrayed as a battle over disclosure. But it’s really a battle over risk.

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Public Affairs Council Launches 2013 PAC Benchmarking Survey

03 May, 2013

The Council is pleased to announce the launch of our 2013 PAC Benchmarking Survey, a rigorous study that examines the structure, management and fundraising activities of corporate and association political action committees.

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The Fate of PACs in Super PAC Era

04 Apr, 2013

After the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision and the subsequent SpeechNow v. FEC ruling, many in the public affairs community worried that Super PACs would render traditional PACs obsolete. But those concerns are overwrought, experts say.

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PAC Trends and Innovations

01 Apr, 2013

When it comes to PAC outreach, there’s no match for interactive, individualized communication.

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Supreme Court to Hear Case Challenging Individual Contribution Caps (UPDATED)

20 Feb, 2013

The Supreme Court has announced that it will hear a case challenging the cap on federal campaign contributions an individual may make during a two-year election cycle.

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New Year Poses Big Challenges for Association Public Affairs

08 Jan, 2013

For at least the first half of 2013, Congress and the White House will be wrestling on the edge of the “fiscal cliff,” according to Scott Talbott, senior vice president, public affairs, for the Financial Services Roundtable (FSR), which represents companies in the banking, insurance and investment business.

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Post-Election Updates: Special Elections, Inaugural Contributions and Events and the Permissibility of Corporate Contributions

13 Dec, 2012

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP recently issued guidance on top-post election issues related to contributions to inaugural or transition committees, inaugural events, and transition-related activities, as well as recounts and special elections. In a subsequent release, they provide information on the Presidential Inaugural Committee's reversal in its...

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‘PACs Americana’: An FEC Crib Sheet for PAC Rules

13 Apr, 2012

Call it a chart, a grid or a matrix, “PACs Americana” — presented by Greg J. Scott, assistant staff director of the FEC’s Information Division, at the Council’s PAC Conference in Orlando earlier this year — offers clear and useful distinctions among the four forms political action committees now...

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Two Years On, Majority See Citizens United as Negative: Report

30 Jan, 2012

A new Pew Resesarch Center report suggests that a majority of Americans believe Citizens United has had a negative impact on the election process.

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