Video Files: 3 Emerging Public Affairs Trends

27 Apr, 2017

The Council’s Doug Pinkham analyzes the outside game of politics, the evolution of crisis response and recovery and insights for handling both political opportunity and risk.

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More Disruptors Impacting Public Affairs

24 Apr, 2017

In the second half of our series, we examine political unpredictability, noise, and corporate pressure to engage on social issues.

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Video Files: Political Disruptors

13 Mar, 2017

In an unpredictable and unstable world, be on the lookout for these three political disruptors … now and in the future.

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VIDEO: What is Public Affairs?

08 Sep, 2016

The Council's Sheree Anne Kelly tackles the perennial question, "What is public affairs?" and the answer may be more complex than you think.

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Why Companies Are Getting More Engaged on Social Issues

30 Aug, 2016

The Council's recent survey, Taking a Stand: How Corporations Speak Out on Social Issues, finds that, over the last three years, 60 percent have experienced rising stakeholder pressure to speak out on social issues such as discrimination, the environment, education and human rights. No respondents reported that pressure had...

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Data Points and Tips for State Government Relations Success

02 Aug, 2016

The real government affairs action has shifted to state capitols. Pair speed of activity with 50 states to monitor and manage, and you realize the state government relations function isn’t for the faint of heart. Here are some key data and useful tips to help you and your SGR...

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The ROI of Global Public Affairs: What, How and Why

22 Jul, 2016

Defining and demonstrating the value of global public affairs tends to be a frustrating topic for those working in the field. In order to communicate the value of the function effectively to management and internal stakeholders, it’s important to examine the “what,” “how” and “why” of ROI.

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Internal Communication for Public Affairs: 10 Best Practices and Ideas

13 May, 2016

We gathered these insights from a roundtable discussion at the Public Affairs Council’s European office, with some 20 industries and sectors represented. As the meeting was conducted under the Chatham House rule, we do not disclose the sources of ideas, but we hope they’ll be helpful nevertheless. Public affairs...

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Video: International Public Affairs Trends

21 Apr, 2016

In this video, Council Vice President Sheree Anne Kelly explains that agility is important in an international public affairs function because of limited staffing resources and challenging political and business climates.

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Video: Corporate PACs and the Role of Political Transparency

26 Feb, 2016

In this new video, the Council's Hannah Wesolowski discusses a growing trend of increased transparency surrounding corporate political activities as a means of increasing trust, improving understanding and showing the value of political activity.

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Video: Measuring and Communicating the Value of Public Affairs

09 Feb, 2016

The Council's Sheree Anne Kelly explains the importance of evaluating your organization's public affairs function holistically rather than simply basing it on media hits or advocacy campaign success.

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How to Grow Your International Public Affairs Function

13 Jan, 2016

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Secrets of Successful Corporate Apologies

26 Oct, 2015

Once, a corporate apology was rare, but has become standard practice for business. New research suggests that how corporate executives comport themselves while apologizing has a distinct bearing on future economic performance.

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2015 Public Affairs Pulse Survey: Most Americans Say it’s Smart for Big Companies to Get Political

10 Sep, 2015

The 2015 Public Affairs Pulse survey asked Americans to weigh in on a host of topics related to business and society. The survey shows that two-thirds of Americans have a favorable opinion of major companies and even more hold positive views of small business. But can Big Business be...

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A Tall Order for Big Companies

10 Sep, 2015

Why don't people trust major corporations? And why don't they give them credit for trying to be responsible and sustainable? These may sound like simple questions, but as the newly released 2015 Public Affairs Pulse survey shows, they're not.

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Our Obsession With Millennials

24 Apr, 2015

The effect Millennials have on politics and business today may be exaggerated, but to ignore their future impact would be ill-advised.

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Wading Into Controversy

25 Mar, 2015

Most Americans want corporations to engage in the public debate on important social issues. But companies would do well to research their stakeholders' views beforehand and ensure that the causes they're aligning with are consistent with their brand.

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CH2M HILL Leads Way in ‘Partnership’ With Unions

16 Mar, 2015

CH2M HILL has forged a strong and unique alliance with unionized workers that has seen the two sides working together to advance shared goals, bringing in more work for the company, improving workplace safety and expanding the opportunities available to employees.

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A Powerful New Tool for Mapping Out Alliances

22 Jan, 2015

Through the U.S. Cluster Mapping Project, over 50 million open-data records are now available online, which could change how public affairs professionals identify and work with allies on grassroots and economic development projects.

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Public Affairs Increasingly Engaged in Companies’ Strategic Planning

09 Dec, 2014

Corporate public affairs departments are increasingly involved in developing their organizations' business strategy, yet many professionals remain challenged by insufficient staff and funding, according to a new study by the Foundation for Public Affairs.

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Foundation Issues Report on Measuring and Communicating Public Affairs Value

09 Dec, 2014

Drawing lessons from the success of Council members IBM, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, CH2M Hill and Mars, this brief report provides guidance on how to meaningfully measure public affairs efforts and demonstrate the function's vital role.

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Public Affairs Strategic Planning Process Draft Sequence of Questions

21 Jul, 2014

What information do you need when crafting a strategic plan for your public affairs function? This members-only resource suggests you take many factors into account, including organizational goals, "customer" characteristics and metrics for determining ultimate public affairs success.

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