October 2-4 2017

Washington, DC

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This fall, we’re taking public affairs to its city of origin: Washington, D.C. Join us for a new understanding of public affairs, and how various stakeholders in Washington can have an effect on your company’s global operations. On this three-day study tour we will:

  • Meet with policy and decision makers on Capitol Hill
  • Learn about the relationship between government and business from federal agency representatives, journalists, and academics
  • Visit fellow Council member offices to learn from experienced professionals in the field
  • Hold several panels with Council staff to revisit and redefine best practices for the industry

Through sessions and site visits you will gain:

  • The essentials of “who” and “how” of Washington, D.C., by meeting with representatives of government agencies, embassies, think tanks, media outlets, multilateral organizations, associations and more
  • An understanding of how the U.S. Congress works
  • An update on the latest public affairs research data
  • Council insights on effective grassroots, digital communications, and government relations strategies

For questions or more information, contact
Senior International Associate
Dasha Iventicheva at diventicheva@pac.org