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16 Dec, 2015

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Utilizing PAC Charitable Match
May 3, 2017
Washington or Virtual


9:30 a.m.
Networking Breakfast (for in-person participants)

10 a.m.
Building the Infrastructure for PAC Match Success
PAC match programs are among the most effective tools to grow a PAC program – if done right. A truly successful PAC match incentive takes a lot of forethought and planning to make sure it is both manageable and provides a strong incentive to join. We’ll provide a high-level overview of how the best programs plan, administer and market PAC match. We’ll discuss:

  • How to get senior management buy-in and ways to address concerns about cost, existing charitable giving structures and more
  • Budgeting for PAC match and different structural options to consider if budget is limited
  • The best ways to structure your incentive to motivate donors to give at higher levels and boost your fundraising
  • An overview of benchmarking data on how PACs structure a matching program, including minimum contribution amounts, using vendors versus managing in-house, charity options, charity disbursements and outreach to donors


Alyssa Aalmo
 PAC Director
Leidos, Inc.
Mary O’Reilly
Vice President
Public Affairs Support Services


11 a.m.

11:15 a.m.
Leveraging a Matching Program for PAC Success: Case Studies in Action
PAC match is valuable only if your donors know and recognize the benefit it offers to support both political and charitable interests. Hear from PAC leaders about how they advertise and utilize PAC match and how a program that already has PAC match — or is looking to start it — can take that next step. Our speakers will discuss:

  • How to incorporate PAC match in your existing PAC fundraising strategy without reinventing everything you do
  • Creative ways to show the value PAC match provides to your donor community
  • Determining what other incentives, benefits and recognition are necessary when you have a PAC match option
  • Ways to partner with your United Way team or your company’s charitable matching program to help both programs succeed
Carly Jiricka
Political Programs Manager
McKesson Corporation
Tommy Young
PAC Manager
NiSource, Inc.


12:15 p.m.