More than a decade after the Internet disrupted more established methods for advocacy, communications and   stakeholder relations, social media and mobile communications are causing a new wave of disruption. In a new report, author Tom Price and the Foundation for Public Affairs, the Public Affairs Council’s research affiliate, examine how social media have evolved to take advantage of mobile communications, how activists have harnessed their power and how companies — and even Congress — have responded.

Through interviews with dozens of experts, Price also shares insights on the management strategies required for an organization to be successful in this challenging era.

Featuring case studies from GE, Eli Lilly, Union Pacific and others; excerpts from the social media policies of Intel, Ford, Duke Energy and more; and tips on pitfalls to avoid and strategies to embrace, this report is a valuable guide for PA professionals who are either developing a social media strategy or expanding an existing one.

Staying ahead of the game means understanding the potential of social media and mobile devices to disrupt every aspect of an organization’s public affairs strategy.

In many ways, a firm’s relationships and messages are no longer within its control; they are beyond control.

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