Social media sites provide new outlets for reaching grassroots advocates, explaining complex policy issues, promoting your corporate social responsibility initiatives, anticipating emerging issues and managing your reputation. But there are some inherent risks as well. The Council is here to help you safely navigate the social media space and develop a successful engagement strategy.

You can also use multiple platforms to connect with us.

  • On Facebook, join the larger public affairs community and share your stories, whether it’s what you’re doing for an upcoming Advocacy Day or something interesting you learned at a recent Council event.
  • On Twitter, stay connected with updates on public affairs trends and upcoming Council programs.
  • On LinkedIn, join a community of dedicated professionals to exchange ideas and discuss best practices.
  • On YouTube, watch videos of Council staff sharing quick downloads of recent speeches they’ve given, or hear professionals in the field discuss what they’ve learned at recent programs or share their own public affairs tips.

Don’t know where to begin? Here are some helpful guides on how to get started on the various platforms:

Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | LinkedIn

The Council staff also has extensive expertise in building an online presence, using social media for public affairs and integrating social media into communications strategies. Please feel free to contact us at any time.