Government Relations Tracking & Analytics Tools for EU Public Affairs

08 Dec, 2017

The Best Government Relations Tracking and Analytics Tools for European Public Affairs

Last updated 27 January 2021

As the public and government affairs function has become more professional and data-driven, a number of companies and tools have appeared on the European scene.

Their mission: to help lobbyists, regulatory managers and corporate affairs professionals track, monitor, analyze, log events and trends, and/or connect and engage with policymakers at EU institutions, government officials at local or national level, and stakeholders at large.

Below is a non-comprehensive list of tools/companies offering digital public affairs tools of some kind. If you run a service that should be on this list, let us know and we’ll update it.

Important: Tools are listed alphabetically. The blurbs were given to us or taken from the respective companies’ websites, without any comment or evaluation from us. We only include social media tracking tools that have links to government or corporate affairs, or Europe.

Manage public affairs, shape lobbying agendas, influence policies, and support advocacy campaigns from a single, fully integrated application. Borealis centralizes stakeholder data to ensure that it’s always accessible to your team, from any location or device. Add modules to manage other aspects of corporate social responsibility as your needs evolve.

DeHavilland EU provides EU political intelligence, EU monitoring, bespoke research and consulting services that are specifically tailored to your interests and needs.

Leading UK and EU parliamentary and political intelligence service. Also providing German and French monitoring.

Elif Lab provides technologies to track and understand political behaviours in Italy and Europe: collection of institutional and social data, stakeholders identification, document analysis and classification, network mapping and visualization, vote mapping, creation of data services via API and email alerts.

EU Insider monitors all EU Institutions, stakeholders and media and puts users in control of what they want to hear about and when — for free

An overview of all the legislative dossiers, consultations, news, statements and press releases of every EU institution and agency. The full agenda of each EU institution is also available. The EU Monitor can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

A systematic, structured, obsessively complete approach to regulatory intelligence.

The EU in the palm of your hand.
Whether you are a PA or PR professional, a journalist or an MEP, EUssentials is your digital compass to navigate the EU institution jungle.

The FiscalNote GRM is a data, workflow, and analytics platform designed to help organizations of all shapes and sizes effectively manage the impact of the outside world.

Their global issues management system has live data on government related risks (legislation/regulation) and relationships, as well as tools for teams to prioritize and respond to them, for the EU, major member states and emerging markets.

KMIND is a web-based software with an unique and integrated platform which supports organizations in the management of their relationship with decision makers in a transparent and measurable way by using a complete smart dashboard.

MLex is an independent media organization providing exclusive market insight, analysis and commentary on regulatory risk, and what it means for business.

All your EU information in One Place, instantly accessible and adaptable, wherever you go.

Monitor global press and social media in real-time.

Identify and listen to key influencers.

Understand conversational trends.

Policy-Insider.AI provides:

  • policy monitoring and analysis for the EU, Germany, the United Kingdom France, Spain and selected global institutions across language barriers (more to come).
  • Included AI analytics enable the identification of trends and key opinion leaders.
  • Social Media analytics and policy maker profiles provide you with context.
  • Customizable alerts and the integration in collaborative tools (Microsoft Teams, Slack) significantly increase process efficiencies.

PoliMonitor is a free political research, engagement and monitoring tool which allows users to receive daily alerts when policy makers and politicians mention terms of interest.

POLITICO Pro provides the most distinct and authoritative policy news coverage of Europe and beyond and because of that, Pros depend on us to do their jobs. is the comprehensive, reliable, fast and independent platform on which all available open Swiss government data (Open Government Data, #ogd) and their interfaces (APIs) are collected and processed. We visualize ongoing and completed political business and elections.

Quorum is a public affairs software platform that enables organizations to launch grassroots advocacy campaigns, manage stakeholder engagement, and monitor Washington, Brussels, all 50 states, and thousands of cities around the country.

RAP Index is an Influencer Identification tool that uncovers your true advocates, the people who have the right relationships and, more importantly, have the attitude, ability & political capital to be effective advocates for you & your issues.

Rebbelith helps strategists shift debates and influence powerful stakeholders. Our systems allow teams to pinpoint the channels key audiences most value and rapidly distill months of media and target stakeholder discussions surrounding an agenda into interactive maps.

Positively responding to the EU priorities on eradicating terrorist radicalisation and recruitment, the project aims to facilitate the prevention of terrorism through the identification of radicalisation.

A unique EU public affairs & communications consultancy, offering the world’s most advanced social media tools w/ years of EU bubble, media & PA expertise.

SIGWATCH carries out real-time tracking and analysis of activist campaigns to help companies manage activist risk and understand how NGOs are driving policy issues.

Statehill is a political intelligence software platform fusing together the worlds of technology and politics to enable improved access and navigation to legislative data. Their ever expanding reach currently includes the European Parliament (and other EU institutions), UK, Germany, France, and Spain, as well as US Congress and all 50 US states.

Integrated, organized and mined data on stakeholders, organizations, trends and issues combined with smart software and advanced algorithms to de-risk your issues and grow your business.

For Corporate Communications professionals who depend on accurate and timely intelligence covering their online reputation, Unifeye provides highly-tailored digital media intelligence reports which are compiled and contextualised by experienced human editors.

VoteWatch Europe is shaping the EU policy debate with cutting-edge analysis who stems from a unique combination of big data and political insight.

Discover the European political system, its leaders, top influencers and key decision-makers.

Discover and share EU policy analysis from leading experts.