Our staff in Europe and the U.S. can provide customized presentations and training. Members can request free briefings, as well as robust, customized training and presentations for a reduced fee. Cost depends upon the complexity of the presentation, duration of the event, location and amount of preparation required. 

Our team is happy to discuss your needs and create a customized program for your organization.

Potential topics include:

  • EU public affairs trends;
  • How the EU works — in general and from your industry’s perspective;
  • The use of social media for advocacy;
  • Measuring public affairs value;
  • Maximizing international public affairs capabilities;
  • Working with the European media;
  • Advocacy at the EU and member state level;
  • Best practices across all areas of public affairs, including procedures and “comitology”; and
  • Thought leadership and content creation through public affairs.

Interested? Contact András Baneth to discuss your needs.