Training Workshop: Intelligence Gathering and Data Mining for EU Lobbying

10 Feb, 2020

Training Workshop

Brussels, 26 March 2020, 9:00-17:00

The more you know, the more you can control. Understanding your environment, knowing the political arena, and transforming complex data into usable messages are highly valued skills for public affairs practitioners. They are also the foundations of a successful lobbying strategy. Join this workshop to learn innovative approaches and best practices to intelligence gathering you can immediately apply to craft impactful campaigns.


Session 1: Introduction: What is Intelligence Gathering?

  • Welcome & introduction: Presentation of the workshop and intelligence gathering.
  • Description of workshop goals and expectations.

Session 2: Defining the Purpose of Intelligence Gathering

  • Discussion of evolution of intelligence gathering, information and best practices.
  • Interactive discussion of the purpose and ethical implications of intelligence gathering.

Coffee break

Session 3: Identifying and Gathering Intelligence

  • Exploration of diverse information sources as well as challenges relating to source selection and collection.
  • Exercise on building a custom source database for issue analysis.
  • Exploration of intelligence gathering techniques as well as risk of information overload.
  • Exercise on building an intelligence dashboard.

Networking lunch

Session 4: Analyzing and Communicating Intelligence

  • Established and emerging practices in the processing of intelligence and data (AI and computer analysis).
  • Packaging and communicating intelligence analysis.
  • Exercise on development of an intelligence report.

Coffee break

Session 5: Intelligence-led Decision-making

  • Ensuring intelligence quality: sources and analysis in the age of ‘fake news’.
  • Discussion of strategies to ensure optimised translation of analysis in issue analysis, stakeholder management, objective definition, argument and messaging as well as choice of communication strategies.
  • Exercise exploring approaches to ensure the effective use of intelligence in public affairs strategy development and organization mobilization.

* Indicative agenda, subject to adjustments.

What you will take away from this workshop

After the workshop, participants will:

  • have a good overview of a variety of tools and tactics available to collect, process and analyze large quantities of information,
  • be better equipped to translate large amounts of data into usable intelligence, informing their issues mapping, messaging and lobbying activities,
  • navigate through the information available and make informed decisions as to what information is most relevant to their strategic thinking.

Event Location

Ambiorix Center
Square Ambiorix 7,
B-1000, Brussels,


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