Training Workshop: Intelligence Gathering and Data Mining for EU Lobbying

10 Feb, 2020

Virtual Workshops

15 & 17 September 2020
10:00 - 11:30 CEST (Brussels) each day

The more you know, the more you can control. Understanding your environment, knowing the political arena, and transforming complex data into usable messages are highly valued skills for public affairs practitioners. They are also the foundations of a successful lobbying strategy. Join this workshop to learn innovative approaches and best practices to intelligence gathering you can immediately apply to craft impactful campaigns.



Webinar 1 (2 x 40 minutes + 10 minute break):

Part 1: Introduction: What is Intelligence Gathering? What is the Purpose of Intelligence Gathering?

  • Webinar introduction to strategic intelligence gathering.
  • Discussion of evolution of intelligence gathering practice and its purpose.
  • Further dialogue of legal and ethical implications of intelligence gathering.

Part 2: Identifying and Gathering Intelligence

  • Exploration of information sources and challenges relating to source selection.
  • Discussion of intelligence gathering techniques as well as risk of information overload
  • Guidance on building a custom source database for issue analysis.

Webinar 2 (2 x 40 minutes + 10 minute break):

Part 3: Analysing and Communicating Intelligence

  • Discussion of established and emerging practices in the processing of intelligence and data (AI and computer analysis).
  • Recommendations on packaging and communicating intelligence analysis.
  • Guidance on building or acquiring an intelligence dashboard.

Part 4: Intelligence-led Decision-making

  • Examination of strategies to ensure optimized translation of analysis into campaigns and communication strategies as well as dissemination of intelligence within network, coalitions and alliances.
  • Guidance on selecting an intelligence dashboard service provider and/or developing an in-house framework.

Key takeaways for participants

  • Quality of information is becoming harder to determine and quantity of information is increasing exponentially.
  • Strategic consumption of information requires specific strategies and technological assistance to ensure it is filtered and packaged effectively.
  • To remain competitive in the ‘Brussels Bubble’ requires updating and optimizing your collection, analysis and use of intelligence.
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