2019 Brussels Public Affairs Forum: True Lies and False Truths

21 Feb, 2019

True Lies and False Truths

15 May 2019
8:30−16:30 CEST
Thon Hotel EU, Brussels

How to communicate in an age of distrust, uncertainty and political risk?

How to engage in meaningful conversations with stakeholders?

How to address threats to corporate reputation?

About the Brussels Forum

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8:30 Networking breakfast

9:00 Keynote: The Science and Politics of Fear

  • Understanding how people perceive risk
  • Living in an age of distrust
  • Changing hearts and minds

Followed by a Q&A session.

10:15 Networking break

10:45 Session 1: How do Businesses and the Public Talk about Risk?

  • What are the main risks facing businesses today?
  • Communicating risk and uncertainty: what are the challenges for businesses and governments?
  • How good communication can improve public understanding and garner support?
  • Practical strategies that work in low-trust environments
  • How does risk analysis factor into an organization’s strategic planning?

12:15 Networking lunch

13:15 Session 2: Communicating in an Age of Mistrust

  • Fake news: passing trend or deeper problem?
  • Are companies and consumers living in an age of mutual mistrust?
  • Disinformation and fake news in Europe — lessons learned from a recent past
  • Engaging with your audience in uncertain times
  • Citizens’ mistrust towards governments — should corporations fill the void?

14:45 Networking break

15:00 Session 3: Crafting Influential Narratives to Address Disinformation

  • Crafting influential narratives to engage with your audience
  • Corporate experiences dealing with disinformation and fake news
  • Are communication teams well equipped to address disinformation?
  • Case studies from practitioners
  • Approaches to crisis communication

16:30 Adjourn

Event Location

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Thon Hotel EU
Rue de la Loi 75
1040, Brussels, Belgium


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