Webinar: Reporting Out to Your PAC Community

23 Sep, 2017

Webinar: Reporting Out to Your PAC Community


November 8, 2017
2−3 p.m. EST

What information do you share with your PAC community — and how do you share it? Creating a plan to be open and transparent can help build trust with your donors and eligibles. Beyond being just a donor benefit, sharing information via newsletters, educational events, website updates and annual reports helps inform your PAC eligibles about what’s at stake and why your PAC is important. These tools also show your donors that the PAC is spending their money wisely and effectively.

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Join us to hear about ways to share your PAC’s activities, accomplishments and purpose throughout the year ahead. We’ll discuss:

  • When, how and what to communicate with your PAC community
  • How to address donors’ toughest questions, such as those about the PAC’s contribution strategy or candidates the PAC has supported
  • Using your communications to build long-term support for the PAC to keep donors returning and attract new donors within your eligible class
  • Creative tactics for integrating PAC information into other PAC and government affairs activities
Facemire Lauren

Lauren Facemire
RPAC and Political Fundraising Managing Director
National Association of REALTORS


Lisa Strikowsky
Director, Government Affairs
The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

This webinar is eligible for 1 credit towards the Certificate in PAC & Grassroots Management.


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Kristin Brackemyre
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