Past Research

Activists in the Boardroom: How Advocacy Groups Seek to Shape Corporate Behavior – The report identified approaches that advocacy groups are taking to effect changes in corporate policies and practices in the areas of employee working conditions, sustainability and marketing. It also details approaches that leading companies and associations have taken to build an integrated strategy for managing their reputation and stakeholder relationships, find common ground with activist groups and make corporate social responsibility part of the business strategy. For a free PDF of the report, click here. To order a hard copy of the report, click here.

Internet Trilogy

Public Affairs Strategies in the Internet Age (2001) – While advocacy groups were some of the earliest, and most effective, adopters of Internet technologies, corporations and associations have begun employing cutting-edge strategies themselves. Public Affairs Strategies documents many of these innovations, and provides readers with the tools they need to think strategically about how the Internet can help them achieve their public policy goals. For a free PDF of the report, click here.

Cyber Activism: Advocacy Groups and the Internet (2000) – One of the key findings from Creating a Digital Democracy is that advocacy groups are among the most innovative users of Internet technologies in the public policy process. In Cyber Activism, the Foundation examines some of the cutting-edge technologies and strategies being employed by advocacy groups on the Internet – and how corporations and associations can adapt these best practices for their own use. For a free PDF of the report, click here.

Creating a Digital Democracy: The Impact of the Internet on Public Policy-Making (1999) – In this groundbreaking report the Foundation utilizes interviews with over 40 leading politicians, journalists, activists, government executives, political consultants and corporate public affairs professionals to examine the impact of the Internet on the public policy-making process. This report provides a solid baseline for understanding how the Internet is re-shaping the way that public policy is made in the United States – and worldwide. For a free PDF of the report, click here.