The Foundation for Public Affairs is governed by the Executive Committee of the Public Affairs Council, a volunteer group composed of industry leaders. The Executive Committee provides governance of our research and activities and is made up of 15 executives who have demonstrated strong support for the Council and the Foundation.

Research Advisory Board

The Research Advisory Board is composed of executives serving on the Board of Directors of the Public Affairs Council who have been strong supporters of the Foundation and its research. The Foundation for Public Affairs would like to recognize the following individuals for their support and guidance of the Foundation’s research agenda:

Mr. Marc Scarduffa (chair)
Vice President, Government Relations & Public Affairs
Pfizer Inc.

Mr. Chris Bender
Head of Public Affairs

Ms. Laura Bishop
Vice President, Public Affairs & Sustainability
Best Buy Co., Inc.

Mr. David Demarest
Vice President, Public Affairs
Stanford University

Ms. Ellie Jurado-Nieves
Vice President & Counsel, Government Affairs
The Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America

Mr. Kevin Keane
Senior Vice President, Policy & Public Affairs
American Beverage Assn.

Ms. Charlene Lake
Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer

Mr. Patroski Lawson
Vice President, Government Affairs

Ms. Paddi LeShane
Sullivan & LeShane Inc.

Ms. Rosemary O’Brien
Vice President, Public Affairs
CF Industries Inc.

Mr. Rusty Ring
Vice President, Government Relations
Roche Diagnostics Corp.

Mr. Peter Segall
Managing Director

Mr. Pete Slone
Senior Vice President, Public Affairs
McKesson Corp.

Mr. Fleming Voetmann
Vice President, Public Affairs
International Copper Assn.

Mr. Peter Wilkinson
Senior Vice President, Industry, Regulatory & Government Affairs
Manulife Financial