Impact – May

20 May, 2021

Getting to the equity part of DEI can be complex, but smart companies understand the value of diverse leadership. Hear from public affairs executives on paths forward for the profession.

Despite losing the White House and Senate and failing to take back the House last cycle, Nathan Gonzales explains why Republicans are feeling quite good about the state of their party.

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In the new vlog series Rough Ideas, Council President Doug Pinkham discusses how low diversity is discouraging entry into the public affairs field, but also how the Council and its member organizations are uniquely positioned to make progress on DEI priorities.

Government affairs executives agree, Zoom lobbying is here to stay and digital advocacy is on the rise. Check out the findings from our survey on COVID-19 and its impact on the profession.

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Does stifling political chatter in the workplace backfire on employers?  Can cause-driven consumers stay true in a world driven by convenience? Find the answers to these questions and more in our monthly roundup of the news and articles you need to read.

A new study from the Center for Effective Lawmaking shows that media coverage and name recognition don’t always correspond with effective policymaking. Check out who made the “show horse” and “workhorse” lists.

Alan Crawford write_stuff

Is it time to give the word “crisis” a break so it can make a comeback with more punch?