Impact – December

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16 Dec, 2021

While it might feel like consensus and compromise are relics of the past, long-term policymaking often happens in the middle. Advocacy experts explain why the narrowing center is still a lobbyist’s best bet.

The relationship between business, the public and America’s two major political parties is changing. Council President Doug Pinkham looks at how Democratic voters are becoming more pro-business than many Republicans.

Simplify Your Public Affairs

Aristotle provides best-in-class solutions for your technology, compliance and consulting needs to build your PAC and grassroots program with our Professional Services team.

nathan gonzales

It’s been nearly a year since the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Nathan Gonzales predicts that Republicans will likely test the electoral process once again, and corporations and associations will have to decide how far is too far.

The managing director of climate change and sustainability services for EY explains why corporate priorities are broader and deeper than we once thought. She also shares what she loves about her podcast, Sustainability Matters.

What Will You Catalyze?

APCO is an advisory and advocacy communications consultancy helping our clients be catalysts for progress to create a better future.

toward equity

The gap in burnout between men and women has almost doubled in the past year. We explore new research that looks at this trend and other workplace gaps.

We’re all familiar with phrases like “let’s discuss this offline” or “I hear you,” but what’s the real meaning behind these ubiquitous office expressions?

Alan Crawford write stuff

Blithesome Christmas and a Fortuitous New Year! Sometimes it’s OK to be cliché to keep your writing clear and concise.