Account Manager

28 Jul, 2021


Account Manager

Uproar PR
Orlando, FL/Chicago, IL

The primary roles of the Account Manager at Uproar PR are to provide overall strategic direction of their accounts and for managing the entire account team. The Account Manager works directly with a Director on their accounts.

Account Managers play an important role in the strategic decisions for the account and are the daily contact for all client interactions.  This position oversees all writing and needs to approve all press releases before they are sent to the clients; they also oversee all pitching efforts by the team and are responsible for positioning all pitches before they are sent out.  Account Managers should have mastered press release writing and pitching.



  • Advises clients on new market approaches and timing of launches/plans as well as competitive strategies
  • Responsible for the editing of all pitches, press releases, abstracts, award applications, etc
    • Writing should be crisp and free of grammatical errors
    • Provide strategic guidance to the AC, AE and/or SAE for all writing projects
  • Stay abreast of new trends or industry happenings relevant to your clients
  • Foster relationships with the major players in the media space for each of your clients
  • Set weekly goals for your team
  • Work with senior management team in a management role to foster the development of junior employees
  • Proactively work with management on agency tasks

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Job posted: 2021-07-28