Advocacy & Coalition Manager

05 Oct, 2021


Advocacy & Coalition Manager

Northwest Gas Association (NWGA)
Portland, OR

NWGA Position Description:

Advocacy & Coalition Manager

Location: Portland, Oregon

Supervisor: NWGA Executive Director


The Northwest Gas Association (NWGA) seeks a dynamic and experienced Advocacy and Coalition Manager (ACM). Expectations of the ACM include but aren’t limited to:

  • The ACM is a competent, confident, and trustworthy advocate for the natural/renewable gas delivery system in the Pacific Northwest. S/he embraces the beneficial role of that existing, safe and reliable energy infrastructure in the region’s energy future. The ACM has keen political instincts and skillfully navigates the often-nuanced, sometimes challenging Northwest political environment on behalf of NWGA members. S/he serves as an industry spokesperson before the media, policy makers, community leaders and other key opinion makers. The ACM will be comfortable speaking with diverse groups on complex, sometimes controversial topics. The ACM will periodically represent the consensus view of NWGA members before legislative and regulatory bodies.
  • The ACM is a bridge builder. The ACM is naturally collegial. S/he is passionate about forging strong, productive relationships with policymakers, regulators, opinion leaders and industry stakeholders. The ACM is keen on exploring and developing conventional and unusual partnerships to effectively tell the industry’s story and/or to achieve a common objective. S/he works to identify and facilitate common ground among NWGA members.
  • As a subject matter expert, the ACM continuously strives to acquire a greater understanding of the complex and nuanced nature of the region’s natural gas industry, the economic and political dynamics affecting it and the motivations driving its stakeholders. S/he works with NWGA member companies to conduct credible analyses that illustrate the benefits and contributions of the region’s natural/renewable gas system.
  • The ACM is an educator and recruiter. S/he conceives and produces compelling content and events that are relevant, timely and productive. The ACM works diligently to inform and educate stakeholders about the indispensable role that the natural/renewable gas infrastructure plays in ensuring the region reliably and affordably achieves its clean energy goals. S/he identifies and delivers high value interactions and materials to NWGA members and stakeholders. The ACM enthusiastically recruits and equips stakeholders as advocates.
  • The ACM works well on a team and independently. The ACM flourishes on a small, tight knit team. S/he is a self-starter comfortable working independently but seeks and welcomes guidance. The ACM juggles multiple priorities and balances the varied responsibilities of the position. S/he is accustomed to setting achievable goals and working toward agreed upon deadlines. The ACM appropriately asks for help, clarification and/or guidance as necessary. S/he is comfortable and confident tabling suggestions and enjoys the give and take of a dedicated team.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in communications, public policy, business or related field is required.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in one or more of the following areas:
    • Public affairs and/or government relations.
    • Field organizing; coalition development/activation.
    • Public relations/communications including content development, distribution, digital/social media;
  • Familiarity with the energy industry and natural gas in particular is an asset.


  • Exceptional written and verbal communications skills; public speaking a must;
  • Brilliant interpersonal skills;
  • Effective time manager;
  • Adept at developing and delivering content through digital, social and conventional media;
  • Proficient in the Office suite of productivity applications;
  • Able and willing to travel as needed.
  • Keen research (developing information) and analytical capabilities (synthesizing information) an asset;
  • Experience with event development and management an asset;

Personal Traits/Characteristics:

  • Organized and motivated;
  • Productive and effective;
  • Affable and fun;
  • Flexible. Functions well in a variety of roles on a daily basis;
  • Collaborative. Always seeking common ground;
  • Professional. Confident, comfortable and credible;
  • Curious. A lifelong learner;


The Northwest Gas Association’s core purpose is to advocate for the role of the region’s gas infrastructure in safely delivering a clean, reliable, and affordable energy future. Its efforts foster greater understanding and informed decision-making among industry participants, opinion leaders and governing officials. 

The NWGA acknowledges differing perspectives while projecting a reasonable and practical point of view. The NWGA coalesces its members and other stakeholders around balanced, common sense policies that utilize the region’s natural gas delivery system to affordably achieve a clean energy future.

The NWGA is the go-to resource for trusted and credible information about natural gas in the region. It develops and disseminates reliable and compelling content through a variety of channels. The NWGA creates, executes, and partners on engaging and constructive events, initiatives, and projects.

The NWGA offers a competitive employment package. Salary dependent on experience/qualifications.


Dan Kirschner, Executive Director

Northwest Gas Association

1914 Willamette Falls Drive, #260

West Linn, OR 97068

Job posted: 2021-10-05