AI Policy Analyst

07 Sep, 2023


AI Policy Analyst

Center for AI Policy
Washington, DC
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About the role
We are looking for an AI Policy Analyst with experience in political strategy, lobbying, and/or advocacy.As an AI Policy Analyst, you would work with the founder and other core team members to develop and implement our legislative strategy. Depending on your skills, this could entail a combination of research to inform policy priorities, turning broad ideas into actionable policy, identifying key stakeholders and allies, and managing relationships with Congressional offices. The goal is ensuring we’re successfully pushing for meaningful AI policy.

We are currently hiring for full-time and part-time roles.

The annual salary range for this role is $80,000 – $120,000, depending on experience.

Ideal candidate
We’re open to two types of candidates: someone who will excel at the thinking aspects of policymaking or someone who excel at the people parts of policymaking – or both! An ideal candidate would have several of the following qualities:
– 2+ years of relevant experience
– understands DC and the policymaking process
– thinks well about what we should be pushing for, considering the constraints of AI risk and/or political reality
– can help create a political strategy
– can understand and work with a diverse set of stakeholders

About the Center for AI Policy

The Center for AI Policy is an advocacy organization that aims to develop and promote policies that reduce risks from advanced AI.

Our current focus is building “stop button for AI” capacity in the US government. We have proposed legislation to establish a federal authority that engages in hardware monitoring, licensing for advanced AI systems, and strict liability for extreme model harms. Our proposed legislation also develops the ability to “press the button” – the federal authority would also monitor catastrophic risks from advanced AI development, inform congress and the executive branch about frontier AI progress, and have emergency powers to shut down frontier AI development in the case of a clear emergency. More detail can be found in the work section of our website.

We also aim to broadly raise awareness about extreme risks from AI by engaging with policymakers in congress and the executive branch.

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Job posted: 2023-09-07