Chief of Policy and Advocacy

20 May, 2020


Chief of Policy and Advocacy

Parents Amplifying Voices in Education (PAVE)
Washington, DC

PAVE Overview
PAVE (Parents Amplifying Voices in Education) is a non-profit corporation whose mission
is to connect, inform, and empower parent leaders to give families in DC a voice and choice
in the vision for education in our city. In the vision of PAVE, parents are partners and
leaders in developing a diversity of safe, nurturing, and great schools for every child in
every ward and community.
PAVE is dedicated to creating an environment where the vision for education in DC is
not created for children and families but rather with children and families, shifting
and changing the dynamics of power in our city so that communities and parents are
partners in creating great schools in DC. PAVE intentionally and constructively asks
parents to engage in education policy in DC, creates opportunities for parents to lead and
advocate, helps parents to understand the system, builds relationships between parents
and those who are making and influencing the education landscape in DC, and advocates on
behalf of great school options and equitable supports for all children, regardless of sector.
At PAVE, our parent leaders identify the issues that they want to move forward on behalf of
our kids and our schools. In just two years, PAVE’s parent leaders have worked tirelessly to
reimagine the education system in DC, including:
• Advocating for and achieving an historic pupil funding increase for both the public
traditional and charter school sectors;
• Quadrupling funding for Out-of-School Time (OST) programs – moving the city’s
budget for OST from $4.9mil to $20.25mil;
• Increasing funding for mental health supports in DC public and public charter
schools by more than $13million;
• Leading a first-of-its-kind selection process for a new school operator serving both
Ward 8 and military families, where a committee of eight parents identified the
school that they wanted to see in their community.
PAVE is a fast-paced, high-performing, mission-driven, and equity-focused organization
driven by a passionate team made up of nearly 2,000 parent leaders. The standard at
PAVE is excellence – in all that we do, all that we give, and all the spaces that we open
for family and community voice.
The Role
Reporting to the Executive Director, the Chief of Policy and Advocacy (CPA) is a new role
that will be a vital member of PAVE’s leadership team. The CPA will guide the efforts of
PAVE parent leaders to amplify their voices in creating and implementing a parent-driven
vision for education in the District of Columbia. The CPA will manage the Policy and
Advocacy team with two direct reports in the Director Policy and the Director of Advocacy.
The role will have three primary charges: First, the CPA will be responsible for leading the
policy and advocacy work of PAVE’s parent leaders through the development and
execution of campaign plans and managing relationships with education leaders and
policymakers. Second, the CPA will be the face of the innovative PAVE Community Change
Fellowship. The Fellowship is a 12-month, first of its kind stipend program that will move
parents beyond agitating outside the system to assuming formal roles within the DC
education policy ecosystem. Finally, the CPA will be responsible for developing their team
to excellence through coaching, accountability, and professional development.
Lead the policy and advocacy work of PAVE’s Parent Leaders
• Empower PAVE Parent Leaders to navigate and shape the policy and legislative
o Guide the yearly development of an advocacy strategy to achieve the policy
priorities set by PAVE Parent Leaders.
o Refine and develop modules, tools, and curriculums to train PAVE Parent
Leaders on policy issues and effective advocacy.
o Work with, support, and manage the Director of Advocacy to guide the
creation of advocacy goals by PAVE parent leaders.
o Work with, support, and manage the Director of Policy to guide the creation
of policy materials and information for PAVE parent leaders on their issues.
• Manage PAVE’s relationships with education policymakers and leaders
o Develop relationships with key players in DC’s education policymaking
ecosystem, including policy and advocacy organizations and partners,
education policymakers and leaders, and state education agency staff
o Create and identify avenues for the amplification of parent voice and parent
leaders in roles of formal and informal authority in the system.
Manage the PAVE Community Change Fellowship
• Recruit parents
o Recruit an initial cohort of 25 PAVE parent leaders to join the PAVE
Community Change Fellowship in order to support parents in formal
leadership within DC’s education ecosystem.
o Work with PAVE organizers, school leaders, policymakers, and elected
officials to deepen the field of applicants and develop buy-in for the program.
• Develop and deliver Fellowship programming
o Refine and further develop the scope and sequence of the Fellowship,
focusing on the history and context of education policy in DC, advanced
networking and relationship building, and creating a backwards planning to
obtain a role in public leadership.
o Develop curriculum for monthly meetings, including learning objectives,
handouts and slide decks, and inviting engaging and relevant guests.
o Deliver content as necessary at monthly meetings, or prepare others to
deliver content when necessary.
• Amplify Fellowship impact
o Make connections between policymakers, elected officials, and community
members and Parent Fellows in order to facilitate the placement of fellows
into formal leadership within the system.
o Track the progress and success of the program based on metrics developed
in consultation with the Executive Director.
Manage and develop the Policy and Advocacy team
• Manage the Director of Policy
o Manage and coach the Director of Policy through the yearly cycle of parentled, parent-created, and parent-driven policy goals.
o Guide the development of the Director of Policy, including weekly check-ins,
creating professional development plans, and holding accountable for
quarterly and yearly goals.
• Manage the Director of Advocacy
o Hire, manage and coach the Director of Advocacy through the yearly cycle of
parent-led, parent-created, and parent-driven advocacy campaigns and
canvassing efforts.
o Guide the development of the Director of Advocacy, including weekly checkins, creating professional development plans, and holding accountable for
quarterly and yearly goals.
The Chief of Policy and Advocacy will be thoroughly committed to PAVE’s mission. The
Chief of Policy and Advocacy should have proven organizing, community engagement,
policy, and education system experience. Concrete demonstrable experience and other
qualifications include:
• 10+ years of work experience, with at least 5 years of management and leadership
• Track record of guiding a team to achieve ambitious goals;
• Ability to point to specific examples of having pursued and achieved an ambitious
policy campaign or advocacy agenda;
• Expertise in the nuances of the legislative process and familiarity with DC politics
and the education ecosystem preferred;
• Past success developing programming in a start-up environment a plus;
• Organizing experience in a campaign or advocacy organization a plus;
• Unwavering commitment to family-centered programs and data-driven program
• Proven ability to build and develop lasting relationships in diverse communities;
• Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders
and cultures;
• Strong written and verbal communication skills, a persuasive and passionate
communicator with excellent interpersonal and multidisciplinary project skills;
• Action-oriented, entrepreneurial, adaptable, community-centered and innovative
approach to organizing and community engagement;
• Ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people with a
demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in previous roles and
leadership; and;
• Passion, idealism, integrity, positive attitude, mission-driven, and self-directed.

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