Chief Officer of Impact and Learning

14 Apr, 2021


Chief Officer of Impact and Learning

Schultz Family Foundation
Seattle, WA

Sheri and Howard Schultz have been committed to serving the most vulnerable
among us throughout their personal and professional lives. Their vision and passion
for nearly 25 years has lived through the Schultz Family Foundation (SFF), which
aims to lift the human spirit and bring possibility to everyone – regardless of race,
religion, sexual orientation, gender, or station in life. They have engaged in this
work through SFF with a focus on closing the increasing inequality and opportunity
gaps for individuals and communities that represent enormous untapped potential
but have limited access to resources.
By investing in scalable solutions and partnerships in communities across the
country, the Foundation aims to help tackle the barriers and roadblocks that
prevent individuals from reaching their full potential and, in doing so, strengthen
our communities and our nation.
As a learning organization, the Foundation seeks to achieve scale for what works
and be transparent about what doesn’t, using data and insights to build upon
existing solutions to foster a better America — one that is truly equitable and just —
resulting in real and tangible outcomes grounded in promoting racial equity and
economic opportunity for all. Accordingly, the Foundation team shares these values
and demonstrates a commitment to equity, diversity, and social justice.
This year, the Foundation is focused on three priorities: responding to basic needs
exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, realizing our common bonds and
strengthening democracy, and strengthening young people’s transition to
adulthood by creating a path towards upward economic and social mobility.
As the Foundation grows, it seeks to demonstrate and model a new thinking in
philanthropy. With the COVID-19 pandemic laying bare structural inequities, the
status quo will not suffice, and SFF intends to be a pioneer in this new era. As such,
SFF seeks a creative, entrepreneurial impact and learning leader who will not only continue the historical focus of the Foundation, but also capitalize on evolving
opportunities, including forging partnerships among funders, businesses, nonprofit
organizations, advocacy groups and government at all levels. The Foundation
stands ready to partner and support all of these interdependent entities, as
advisable and strategic.
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Position Responsibilities
The Chief Officer of Impact and Learning, a key member of – and thought partner
to – the executive team, will be a dynamic and forward-thinking leader who
collaborates both internally and externally to examine, document and iterate from
learning. This individual will work alongside the program team to build and foster
relationships in the civic, nonprofit, government and private sectors to understand
and ideate solutions to effect positive change. As the impact lead, this individual
will strategize with program teams to transform ideas into workable, executable
solutions and work with the entire organization to facilitate ongoing learning and
evaluation. In no small part, the work should highlight the strengths of each body of
work and provide opportunities to leverage the underlying intersections among
Specifically, the Chief Officer for Impact and Learning will:
• Foster a learning culture within the organization and among the Schultz
Family Foundation’s grantees, including measurement of grantees’ efforts
along with the Foundation’s efforts in assessing mission alignment
• Use a mix of quantitative and qualitative evaluation and learning methods to
understand progress, including shifts in attitudes toward social issues and
changes in social policy – ensuring that broad, expansive voices are included
to inform ongoing work and create compelling stories of the Foundation’s
• Create opportunities to strategize with program and non-program teams to
develop innovative strategies for progressive program impact
• Leverage talent within the Foundation to harness collective knowledge and
deploy it for the benefit of grantees and broader collective impact
• Apply a keen eye toward tools and technology that can surface accountability
metrics that offer effective program and outcome assessments
• Work with Chief Operating Officer on team-level budgeting, staffing and
planning, allocating resources, setting priorities and fostering needed skills, drawing on lessons learned and guided by ongoing inquiry on how the
Foundation can do its work differently, most effectively, and with an eye on
equity and attacking structural inequality
• Engage with community and corporate partners regionally and nationally to
ensure that information – especially around equity – is flowing into and out
of the Foundation, while incorporating philanthropic best practices into the
Foundation’s work and actively contributing to field leadership and
• In partnership with Foundation colleagues, maintain external leadership
visibility and actively seek ways to leverage partnerships to further the
Foundation’s priorities and influence, serve to advance the Foundation’s
mission and priority programmatic areas, and support and collaborate with
the President to represent comprehensive foundation priorities externally
• Supervise staff, as appropriate
Profile of the Successful Candidate
The Schultz Family Foundation seeks a skilled, innovative professional with wellhoned programmatic, leadership and evaluation skills to bring together the internal
and external strategies, functions and programs of the organization. As a strategist
with a thoughtful, informed lens and equity approach, the successful candidate will
have the ability to foresee and communicate future opportunities for impact, drive
ideas and activate vision, identify and disarm resistance both internally and
externally, and build and bridge connections — all with a very high level of
credibility and strong leadership presence. The Chief Officer of Impact and
Learning will balance strategy and process and be very skilled at working at the
intersection of issues, creating opportunities for the Foundation to have impact in
current focus areas and those that may emerge as priorities in the future. Finally,
the successful candidate will demonstrate the values of the family and the
Foundation – a sense of humanity, humility, entrepreneurship, respect, and
More specifically, the Foundation seeks a visionary leader who reflects the
• Ten to fifteen years of leadership experience in programmatic and initiative
implementation, particularly with an understanding of equity and inclusion
• Can offer decisiveness with clarity, balanced with humility, transparency and
vulnerabilityExperience with measurement of programs, having the capacity to support
the organization grantees to learn and share their practices and
• The ability to be visionary by cultivating creative thinking among team
members and finding ways to nurture innovative thinking across all areas of
the organization
• A grounded leader with facilitative management skills
• A bridge builder, a connector among staff and leadership, board, public,
private and philanthropic stakeholders
• A social justice systems thinker with proven ability to understand how
complex, interrelated systems work and how to make change within them,
particularly from the point-of-view of a foundation
• Thinks creatively in operationalizing equity and inclusion on a systemic basis
• The ability to identify trends in practice and guide resources accordingly
• An understanding of nonprofit management, finance, governance and
program/organizational design and delivery strategy, having empathy for the
challenges endemic to the nonprofit business model
• Demonstrated ability to work with program teams and grantees to integrate
learning into ongoing strategies
• Leadership with emotional intelligence, steeped with interpersonal
awareness and excellent listening skills; a communication style that reflects
approachability, authenticity, transparency and clarity; strong interpersonal
• A flexible and innovative orientation in strategy, structure and execution,
demonstrating comfort in risk-taking, appreciation for ambiguity and
willingness to iterate, with the ability to challenge conventional thinking,
encourage dialogue and offer genuine receptiveness to differing perspectives
• A learning orientation with the ability to integrate knowledge and learning
and the capacity to effectively use research and evaluation
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Ability to collaborate and integrate across the organization, including
appreciation for one’s own function and the need to tie to the broader
organizational strategy and priorities
• Demonstrated commitment to bringing opportunity to everyone, regardless
of skin color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or station in life
Start Timeframe
We seek to have someone in place by Summer 2021.
CompensationThis position offers a competitive salary and includes a comprehensive benefits
package. We actively welcome all candidates from a wide range of backgrounds who
have the skills to fulfill this role – regardless of compensation history.
To Apply
All applications are held in strict confidence. Please submit your credentials and a
letter of interest through our private applicant portal to The 360 Group at:
Applications should be directed to the attention of Vincent Robinson, Managing
Partner, or Melissa Ulum, Of Counsel. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling
basis. Earlier applicants may receive priority consideration. To be considered, The
360 Group encourages all interested candidates to submit their applications
promptly, via the confidential applicant portal linked above.
At The 360 Group, we know that a richly diverse mix of professionals makes
organizations more effective. Using that principle as our “North Star,” we make
diversity a hallmark of our firm, and all of our search engagements.

Job posted: 2021-04-14