Chief Public Policy Officer

11 Apr, 2019


Chief Public Policy Officer

The Council of State Governments (CSG)
Lexington, KY

The Chief Public Policy Officer for The Council of State Governments (CSG) will help advance the
organization’s mission to champion excellence in state governments to advance the common good by
guiding the development and delivery of innovative and creative programs, initiatives and services
designed to provide state officials with the information and insights necessary for them to understand
complex public policy issues and to better govern the states.
This role will identify the public policy and research priorities of the member jurisdictions and create
relevant, impactful programs and services to provide the member jurisdictions with the expertise to
successfully address public policy challenges. This position reports directly to the Executive Director/CEO
and oversees a $12 million budget and 25 staff.
Headquartered in Lexington, KY, CSG is the nation’s only organization serving all three branches of state
government. It is a region-based forum that fosters the exchange of insights and ideas to help state officials
shape public policy, which offer unparalleled regional, national and international opportunities to develop
leaders, network, collaborate and create problem-solving partnerships.

Essential Duties
and Responsibilities
The Chief Public Policy Officer will:
■ Lead CSG’s national public policy team, overseeing
a geographically dispersed, diverse team of public
policy professionals capable of positioning CSG as
the “go to” resource for state officials on public
policy issues.
■ Serve as a member of CSG’s senior leadership team
directly engaged in organization-wide operations,
including strategic and budget planning,
development of strategic partnerships and other
opportunities to achieve CSG’s mission.
■ Serve as the senior adviser on public policy
and research to the executive director/CEO and
deputy director.
■ Consult and collaborate with the deputy director
and the directors of communications and
advancement to achieve cohesive leadership of and
effective project management of cross divisional
teams working on CSG projects and initiatives.
■ Oversee the CSG National Center for Interstate
Compacts, the CSG Shared State Legislation process, the CSG national policy resolution process,
the CSG Legal Task Force and the CSG Center of
Innovation as components of the CSG policy team.
■ Work in collaboration with the CSG Justice
Center to advance CSG’s mission.
■ Develop and deliver the products, services, tools
and technologies state officials need to enhance
excellence in state governments.
■ Collect and analyze data to create new
knowledge and insights to help guide state
officials in understanding and addressing public
policy challenges.
■ Create and pursue research projects to discover
what works in governing the states.
■ Curate the work of other entities and organizations
to provide CSG member jurisdictions with
cutting-edge understanding of public policy issues.
■ Collect, monitor and share trend data to help state
officials better prepare for the future.
■ Identify how states can enhance public policy
outcomes and better utilize resources to
achieve more.

Serve as a mentor and manager to CSG policy team
members, providing them with the leadership,
support, collaboration and guidance to create and
foster a professionally satisfying work culture.
■ Serve as a trusted colleague to other senior
leadership team members, helping them achieve
their organizational priorities and goals and
engaging them as collaborators in the work of
the CSG public policy team.
■ Prepare excellent written materials and reports with
well researched conclusions and recommendations.
■ Exercise the highest ethical standards in all aspects
of the work.
■ Represent CSG and its executive director/CEO,
deputy director and policy team in front of
audiences of CSG stakeholders and be a resource
for CSG’s communications team in responding to
media inquiries.
■ Provide information in response to requests
from state officials and colleagues in CSG’s
regional offices.
■ Develop positive relationships with state officials
and engage a diverse cross section of state officials
in the work of CSG.
■ Manage budgets effectively.
■ Possess expertise in the interbranch, interstate,
international and intergovernmental nature of
CSG’s work.
■ Possess expertise in the proper creation of surveys,
statistical analysis and data collection and analysis
sufficient to direct accurate research on a wide array
of public policy issues.
■ Possess excellent critical thinking, problem solving
and communications skills.
■ Compellingly convey information to many
audiences in a variety of formats including written
reports, fact sheets, speeches, presentations, info
graphics, websites, social media, videos and other
digital platforms.
■ Manage projects to produce promised results in a
timely manner.
■ Communicate with senior leadership team members
on the status of projects and solicit their advice and participation in helping leverage the work of the
public policy team for maximum impact.
■ Identify, cultivate and forge strategic partnerships
with other entities and organizations to advance
CSG’s mission.
■ Support, sustain and grow sources of external
funding for projects that advance CSG
policy priorities.
Skills & Abilities
■ Ability to serve as an effective leader, manager and
mentor to policy team members.
■ Ability to develop, administer and oversee multiple
program and project budgets.
■ Ability to examine disparate data sets to discern
patterns and glean unique insights from the data.
■ Ability to conceptualize and convey data in ways
which enhance its utility to end users.
■ A working understanding of the state government
budgeting processes to accurately evaluate state
government program performance.
■ Knowledge of state and federal policy issues
and programming.
■ Understanding of state and federal policy
development processes.
■ Skill and competence to work effectively with a
myriad of state officials, including high-level
executive, legislative and judicial officials.
■ Ability to work with leading experts in the field of
state policy, including researchers, policy experts,
program providers and private sector representatives.
■ Strong research skills, including internet research
and personal interviews.
■ Strong writing skills, including policy analysis,
reports memos, articles and correspondence.
■ Knowledge of CSG’s accounting and budgeting
system and the processing/approval of employee
and member expenses.
■ Knowledge of CSG’s personnel, accounting and
travel policies and ability to effectively implement
and manage said policies.  Skill and competence to work independently
and to handle a variety of tasks and
assignments concurrently.
■ Able to maintain confidentiality and handle
politically sensitive work.
■ Self-motivated, able to take initiative and see
complex tasks through to completion.
■ Ability to work collaboratively with multiple
internal and external partners and honor
commitments once made.

At least seven years with significant responsibilities
in public policy focused work, law, research,
government affairs, economics and government
service or related fields. Proven track record of
successfully managing a team and budget.

Education Requirements
Bachelor’s degree in public policy, leadership, political
science, economics, government finance or related
field and a graduate degree in public policy,
government, public administration, law or related
field, strongly preferred.

Physical Requirements
The physical demands described here are
representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential
functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations
may be made to enable individuals with disabilities
to perform the essential functions.
■ Frequently communicates with internal and
external partners.
■ Frequently operates a computer to create policy
briefs, memos and presentations.
■ Frequently remains in a stationary position to
perform desk duties.
■ Frequently works in a well-lit, tempered room.
■ Occasionally moves throughout office to
communicate to coworkers.
■ Seldom transports objects, such as files or paper
boxes, with weight up to 25 pounds

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