Co-Director for Public Policy and Government Relations

07 Apr, 2021


Co-Director for Public Policy and Government Relations

Massachusetts Association for Mental Health (MAMH)
Boston, MA

The Massachusetts Association for Mental Health (MAMH) convenes stakeholders across the
behavioral health and public health communities to address policy, program, regulatory,
budgetary, and legislative issues affecting those at risk for or living with behavioral health
conditions. MAMH disseminates knowledge emerging from clinical research and the literature,
program evaluations, and innovative developments to inform and activate diverse audiences in
the Commonwealth and beyond. MAMH advocates for reforms in public policy and service
delivery to end disparities in receipt of a broad range of benefits, treatments, and recovery
supports upon which our constituents depend to protect and improve their mental health and
MAMH has grown significantly in the last three years in the breadth and depth of its policy and
program portfolio and in its revenue sources. Accordingly, its staffing has grown and its
organizational chart has expanded.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
The Massachusetts Association for Mental Health (MAMH) team has been expanded to include
two Co-Directors for Public Policy and Government Relations. Each Co-Director has shared
responsibility to lead policy and legislative strategy and advocacy at MAMH. This is a senior level
position to advance and operationalize the state and federal policy goals of the organization.
The two Co-Directors are responsible for establishing relationships and working closely with the
Commonwealth’s executive, legislative, and judicial branch members and staff to educate them
about issues impacting behavioral health policy, financing, and service delivery frameworks,
while promoting key policy and legislative priorities of MAMH. Partnership is a major strategic
driver of MAMH policy and legislative work; thus, the Co-Directors will work on a regular basis
with other advocacy organizations with similar goals, and with mental health providers and
programs to gain their views and insights on issues and to work collaboratively with them to
reach consensus. The two Co-Directors will work hand-in-hand and will be responsible for
aggressively driving the policy agenda and workplan to accomplish MAMH’s goals and objectives.

The exact delineation of responsibilities between Co-Directors will depend on the skills,
experience, and interests of each of the individuals in these positions. Both Co-Directors are
responsible for working on cross-cutting strategies related to improving access to care, ending
discrimination and disparities, working at the intersection of behavioral health with other health,
human service, criminal justice, public education, and affordable housing systems. Both will work
with the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government and with MAMH’s strategic
partners in promoting and advocating for MAMH’s policy agenda.

The Co-Directors will work collaboratively with the President and CEO, and with the Director for
Knowledge Dissemination and Technical Assistance in designing and executing strategy to
achieve the MAMH mission by operationalizing the key goals and strategic objectives of MAMH.
External Relations
Along with the President and CEO, and in collaboration with the other Co-Director and the
Director for Knowledge Dissemination and Technical Assistance, this position will be a public face
for MAMH and will be expected to:
• Cultivate and develop relationships that increase the organization’s profile and stature as a
leading advocacy organization in the Commonwealth advocating for improvements in
behavioral health policy, supporting implementation of best practices, and promoting mental
health and well-being;
• Maintain excellent relationships with members of the state legislature and its committees,
executive branch officials, judicial branch officials, and other advocacy and stakeholder
organizations, provider groups, people with lived experiences with mental health conditions,
and their families; and
• Be a highly visible and articulate spokesperson for the organization and advocate for people
with lived experience of behavioral health challenges or at risk for those conditions.
Reporting and Accountability

The Co-Directors report to the President and CEO of the Massachusetts Association for Mental
Health and are accountable, along with the President and CEO to the Board of Directors for
achieving the MAMH mission.

Internal Management and Strategy

In collaboration with the President and CEO, other Co-Director, and the Director for Knowledge
Dissemination and Technical Assistance, the individual in this position will share responsibility to:
• Lead and motivate staff and stakeholders to join in providing MAMH with broad perspectives
and promoting MAMH goals and advances in mental health practices and policies;
• Advance MAMH’s strategic goal to be an agent for change by identifying, developing, and
implementing advocacy opportunities, strategies, and tactics to advance reform initiatives;
• Help ensure work of the organization is supported by effective processes for planning,
communicating, measuring, governing, and delivering high-quality services;
• Develop and make operational a strategy for legislative and policy reform of mental health
and behavioral health systems;
• Make operational and manage implementation of key deliverables of the organization;

• Inspire effective interaction and relationships among the MAMH team members by fostering
open communications, team building and individual initiative;
• Identify and act on opportunities to extend the organization’s reach including development
of new markets and business models, and collaboration with partners;
• Improve the organization’s marketing, branding and development strategies, working with
staff and Board to diversify funding sources and grow unrestricted capital;
• Prepare policy reports and issue briefs working with the MAMH team; and
• Respond to inquiries for information and assistance from consumers and their families,
community members and public officials.
Ideal Experience:

Knowledge and Capabilities

The Co-Director for Public Policy and Government Relations will have:
• A passion for the MAMH mission; a record as a strong catalyst able to articulate the mission
with conviction and clarity;
• A commitment to social justice and to ending disparities in access to benefits and care;
• Understanding of Massachusetts state government including the legislative, executive and
judicial branch roles and responsibilities and what strategies are most effective in getting
work accomplished to meet MAMH goals;
• Experience working as a staff member, intergovernmental relations representative, lobbyist
and/or advocate with the Massachusetts General Court and Executive Offices, and/or
experience with public policy work in nonprofit, private, and/or philanthropic sectors;
• Working knowledge of the mental health, substance use and public health communities in
Massachusetts including providers, programs, and non-profit organizations;
• Strong understanding and knowledge of behavioral health or related services and other
issues related to mental health;
• Reputation for successful management at a senior executive level with an entrepreneurial,
multifaceted organization in government, nonprofit or the private sector;
• Flexibility and the demonstrated ability to think creatively and thrive in a fast-paced, complex
public health/social service environment, juggling numerous projects and satisfying
numerous constituencies simultaneously;
• Proven success developing and implementing a plan to drive organizational growth;
• Excellent oral and written communication skills;
• Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills;
• A persuasive negotiator able to achieve consensus among differing opinions; a decisionmaker who can be firm and fair yet flexible as needed;

• An ethical individual who imparts stability, trust, integrity, sensitivity, common sense,
advances equity and inclusion, and who motivates others in a similar vein;
• An experienced and collaborative team player;
• Someone with energy, a sense of humor and maturity in order to maintain perspective and a
sense of balance.
MAMH is seeking candidates with:
• Five or more years related work experience;
• BA/BS degree in liberal arts, psychology, public policy, or related field;
• JD, MA, MPH, MPP, MSW, PhD, PsyD or other advanced degree in psychology, social
welfare, public policy or related field preferred.
Salary commensurate with experience and benefits include professional development,
health insurance, and standard leave provisions.
Applicants must submit a resume AND a cover letter to MAMH by email to Applications are due on or before Monday, April 26, 2021.

MAMH is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants from diverse racial, ethnic, religious, sexual
orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran and/or disability communities are
encouraged to apply.
About the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health (MAMH):
Since 1913, MAMH has worked to improve understanding of mental health conditions and
combat disparities in health services access. We envision a day when all individuals and families
across the Commonwealth have the resources and opportunities they need to promote
resilience and protect overall health. MAMH disseminates knowledge, convenes diverse
stakeholders, and advocates for policy change.

Job posted: 2021-04-07