Communications Director

18 Sep, 2022


Communications Director

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine
Washington, D.C.


The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Washington, DC, seeks an experienced and well-qualified communications professional to fill the senior-level position of Communications Director.

CMBM’s mission is to help communities around the world develop the tools they need to heal population-wide trauma. Whether impacted by war and other forms of violence, climate-related disaster, public health crises, poverty and racism, or any of the many other conditions and circumstances that can affect population-wide mental health. For over 30 years, CMBM has partnered closely with community leaders to deploy a pioneering trauma-relief model that combines evidence-based methodologies for self-care and mutual support, with the wisdom and cultural values that bind and are important to the people they serve. In this way, communities that partner with CMBM develop the approach and the tools they need to address trauma when it strikes, efficiently, effectively, and in a manner that resonates as authentic, respectful, and sustainable.

By “teaching thousands to heal millions,” our work has expanded exponentially in recent years.

CMBM is a global organization with a diverse staff, faculty, board and constituency of many cultural, ethnic, religious, economic, and educational backgrounds, as well as representing diverse identities on the gender and ability spectrums. As a senior leader, the Communications Director will model the highest standards for respect and inclusion of all members of our community.

Position Overview

The Communications Director is a highly creative, experienced and accomplished leader and strategist in the use of words, stories, data, images, and other tools to socialize and effectively communicate ideas, raise awareness, attract and engage audiences, and cultivate and manage relationships with both internal and external partners. She/he/they is the primary steward of CMBM’s editorial, messaging, and brand integrity, overseeing that all communications — from internal tools and taxonomies to website management, social media posts, mass media communications, fundraising materials, board presentations, partnership collateral, internal and external emails, and more — authentically and consistently represent, dignify, and align with the communications guidance and substance of CMBM’s strategic plan, as approved by the Board of Directors.

The Communications Director will develop, implement, and provide needed support to the CMBM team to ensure the use of strategic, consistent internal and external communication tactics across all CMBM technology platforms and print materials. These team interactions will include working closely with:

  • the Executive Director and Operations Director to ensure that all staff, faculty, consultants, and board members are trained and have the resources they need to utilize and comply with all policies and procedures pertinent to CMBM’s communications and brand integrity guidance
  • the Development Director and team on messaging and brand use across all fundraising communications
  • the Programs Director and team to ensure projects and program marketing efforts are robust and geared towards targeted growth
  • the Founder and CEO to ensure that messaging embodies the spirit and practices of selfless service and the advocacy of the values of universal respect and compassion that animated the founding of CMBM and continue to be critical and intrinsic to all organizational activities

This position reports to our Executive Director, and will also serve as a member of CMBM’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT). Inclusive of the Founder & CEO and Executive Director, the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) makes major decisions about overall Center direction and organizes the implementation of necessary plans and activities. Composed of the Programs, Clinical, Operations, Development, and Communications Directors, the ELT’s collective charge is to:

  • provide well-considered counsel to and help facilitate consensus with the CEO & Founder and the Executive Director regarding decisions that inform CMBM’s capacity to plan for and fulfill its mission
  • have supervisory responsibility over organization staff and faculty
  • bring forward the overarching challenges and opportunities facing their respective lines of effort
  • present to and seek the consensus of their ELT peers when they wish to make new plans for, significant changes to, or resolutions that address major opportunities, challenges, or conflicts, and will be expected to help other ELT members address issues they present

She/he/they must bring a well considered and disciplined approach to the job, but also the flexibility needed to respond nimbly when significant challenges or opportunities arise.

Job Responsibilities

Overall brand leadership and management:

  • Design, codify, and steward the consistent use (and as needed, improvement) of CMBM’s brand identity, inclusive of all internal and external narrative, graphic, published, digital, and other assets
  • Advise and provide strategic consultation and support to Founder and CEO regarding opportunities to leverage publications, speaking engagements, or appearance on other platforms, in service to building awareness of and reputational strength for CMBM
  • Organize and supervise major media outreach and campaigns, including, if necessary, subcontracting with public relations professionals
  • Design and implement communications strategies and tactics that address organizational needs and plans as identified by the Executive Leadership Team
  • Build, manage, and oversee the consistent use of all foundational communications assets
  • Oversee development and implementation of brand guidance across the organization
  • Facilitate ELT-level discussions, and as appropriate with other staff, regarding opportunities for creative and strategic communications interventions
  • Advise / prep all CMBM colleagues making presentations; help craft talking points, scripts, slide decks
  • Identify, vet, and recommend hiring of external communications consultants as needed

External relations and communications:

  • Oversee the design, appearance, updating, and quality of all visual and editorial brand assets inclusive of but not necessarily limited to:
  • Website graphics and copy
  • Logo fidelity
  • Brand design guidelines
  • Email signatures
  • Brochures, letterhead, reports, and other published collateral
  • Taxonomies
  • Newsletters, departmental updates, grant proposals
  • Presentations, including basic templates
  • Design and stewardship of an organization-wide editorial calendar
  • Development, design, scheduling, execution, and oversight of regular communications plans and assets
  • Newsletters and / or updates, developed in collaboration with ELT members and their teams, to the board, funders and other supporters, faculty, and general audiences
  • Internal communications that facilitate teamwide awareness
  • Website updates that reflect organizational news and announcements in a timely fashion
  • Social media posts
  • Press releases
  • and other opportunities to socialize CMBM in alignment with strategic opportunities and plans
  • Collaborate closely with Programs Director to develop marketing communications assets that announce and attract audiences to training programs
  • Oversee the identification, design, and deployment of resources appropriate to pursue high-value opportunities for publicity
  • Design, oversee the production of, and deploy communications collateral for campaigns and initiatives
  • Collaborate with the Development team to produce fundraising campaign materials and to integrate fundraising messaging across multiple communications channels
  • Manage partnerships with communications consultants and public relations firms as needed, as well as associated budgets, agreements, and deliverables

Internal relations, communications, technology, and digital assets management:

  • Research, sourcing (in collaboration with Operations Director), and implementation of:
  • Systems/technology to promote consistent internal communications, calendaring, and project management related to branding
  • Framework on visual and editorial guidance for virtual gatherings and webinars as part of CMBM programming
  • Strategize digital marketing spend on Google and social media networks, accountable to specific ROI
  • Conduct and report brand analytics; maximize CMBM’s newsletter open rate and engagement with testing, audience segmentation, and implementing best practices
  • Collaborate with Director of Operations and communications consulting firm and technology consulting firm on the internal organization of digital assets in order to deploy branded internal communications
  • Collaborate with Development, Programs, and Research teams as well as the Associate Program Director for Program Data and Impact and the Founder and CEO to craft and deploy communication of impact findings

Qualifications and Competencies

  • Minimum of 7 years direct experience leading communications and marketing strategies and initiatives within a nonprofit organization
  • Expert in the use of digital strategies and communication platforms that drive brand awareness and audience growth
  • Experience with crafting communications that strengthen donor relationships and inspire donations
  • Experience in planning community outreach and event marketing
  • Experience developing, refining, and improving communication processes and platforms as well as developing brand voice, style guides, and messaging strategies
  • Capacity to develop and deliver all branding, marketing, advertising, communications, content and public relations work that best serves our organization’s mission and objectives
  • Persuasive, inspirational, and accessible verbal and written communication skills in short form and long form and across multiple channels
  • Previous experience supervising external communications relationships and contracts as well as direct reports, including writers, digital media managers, designers, and other collaborators (eg: staff, freelancers, and consultants)
  • Demonstrated public relations experience working with key influencers and media outlets
  • Strong project management experience required, with a high degree of comfort in leading team members through the complete campaign process from inception to execution
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher education

Location and Travel Requirements

  • Available to work remotely and occasionally work in the office in Washington, D.C.
  • Available to work full-time between the hours of 9-5 EST

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Job posted: 2022-09-18