Communications Specialist

02 Jul, 2020


Communications Specialist

Washington, DC
BMNT is hiring a Communications Specialist to support the assessment of technology initiatives and the integration of various improvement efforts within the Defense Department. You will coordinate outreach efforts and other communication strategic initiatives. As a Communications Specialist, you will execute strategic communications and outreach efforts including planning advisory panels, artifact coordination, and managing content throughout the organization. Using your strong organizational and project management skills, you will execute outreach programs designed to raise awareness about the various initiatives, and perform analysis afterwards to measure effectiveness of those efforts and areas for improvement. If you thrive in a fast-paced and unstructured environment and have a proven track record in outreach support and building relationships with internal teams and external organizations, this could be the right role for you.

Job Responsibilities

  • Run outreach activities using an evidence-based, data driven process to source, curate, discover, incubate and transition artifacts and messaging to inform, advise and assist stakeholders.
  • Effectively promote programs and services through marketing and outreach campaigns. Reports on the results on the programs and campaigns.
  • Maintain a calendar of strategic events for marketing and communication
  • Support leadership in arranging meetings, preparing materials, following up with outreach do outs, and tracking engagement targets.
  • Create and edit original content including but not limited to: social media messages, email newsletters, press releases, study artifacts, fact sheets, presentations, blog posts, and briefing materials.
  • Effectively run and manage social media channels including suggesting Social Media strategies to contact, interact and increase outreach target base. Recommends innovative communications channels to include leveraging social media platforms.
  • Seek opportunities in improvements in operational processes to enhance outreach activities.
  • Cultivate and enhance collaborative working relationships with the media and publicity community and keep mailing lists current.
  • Assists in collecting and organizing information required for preparation of program communications, online web content, user manuals, training materials, proposals, and/or reports.
  • Develop communications and outreach engagement materials for specific audiences and stakeholders to support targeted outreach efforts.
  • Cultivate and enhance collaborative working relationships with the media, publicity community, and keep mailing lists current. In addition, build a network of contacts with other communication specialists within the organization and outside to keep current on communications’ strategies.
  • Provides support for developing and maintaining website content, policies, presentations, and other written documents.

We Are Looking For

  • Master’s Degree and five (5) years experience; or, a Bachelor’s Degree with (8) years experience; or (12) years experience in writing, editing and managing technical documentation and operator/maintenance manuals for military systems and equipment. Expertise in Microsoft Office products required.
  • Degree in Journalism, Marketing, Communications or a related discipline preferred.
  • Experience in managing mixed military, civilian press, scientist and contract teams to deliver defensible data-rich messages to inform key leader material decisions.
  • Knowledge of business requirement analysis processes in order to evaluate and define the need for new or enhanced systems, tools, and applications.
  • Skilled communicator that shows comfort interacting with military and defense agencies
  • Solid interpersonal skills and can successfully participate in a team environment to accomplish assignments requiring group efforts.
  • Knowledgeable of current social media tools as well as emerging digital technology tools the organization could benefit in utilizing.
  • Proficiency in MSWord, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat (or Google Equivalent). Experience with graphic design products such as Adobe In Design, Photoshop, and Illustrator are desirable but not required.
  • Strong writing and editing skills in order to be able to write content quickly for various types of marketing products, artifacts, presentations, etc., while mirroring the customer’s style.
  • Proven ability to build relationships with media and other contacts to grow outreach or partnership opportunities.
  • Strong understanding of email marketing tactics and the ability to write compelling subject lines and informative email newsletters to draw readers to government products and services.
  • Self-motivated to accomplish the mission in an open, non-hierarchical, non-linear and unique environment of military and experts.
  • Security Clearance needed: Secret
  • U.S. Citizenship required.
About BMNT

Founded in 2013, BMNT is a tight-knit team of creatives, engineers, makers, veterans and policy wonks, aligned around the common goal of changing the way national security organizations think about and solve problems. Over the past seven years, BMNT has adapted and applied tools and methodologies that enable Silicon Valley startups to operate with continuous speed and urgency. Leveraged by countless defense and intelligence organizations across the globe, our evidence-based, data-driven framework, H4X®, is the source of truth for government innovation. In 2016, Forbes Magazine recognized BMNT as one of the nation’s Top-25 veteran-founded startups. In 2018 and 2019, INC ranked BMNT as one of the 1,000 fastest growing private companies in the United States.
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Job posted: 2020-07-02