Communications Specialist

31 Jul, 2020


Communications Specialist

Impossible Foods
Redwood City, CA
Impossible Foods is addressing the most catastrophic threats facing humanity: climate change and biodiversity collapse. A global transition to a plant-based food system will turn back the clock on atmospheric C02 levels, restore natural ecosystems and reverse meltdown in wildlife biomass.
The easiest — if not only — way to make our civilization sustainable is to eliminate livestock, the most dangerous technology on Earth. But humans won’t give up meat. So we need to make meat better — more delicious and more nutritious, without animals as the underlying production technology. That means that making meat sustainably is the most important and urgent problem for the global scientific community.
Impossible Foods’ mission is to completely replace the use of animals as a food-production technology by offering consumers everything they currently value about animal products — and making products that are vastly superior to their animal analogues.
To do this, we are taking a revolutionary scientific and market-based approach. We are inventing efficient, sustainable ways to transform ingredients from plants into meat, fish and dairy foods that deliver all the pleasures and nutritional benefits consumers demand, without the destructive environmental or public health impact.
Our world-class R&D team has been building the know-how and technology platform to produce meat, fish and dairy foods from plants. Impossible Foods is experiencing rapid growth and is resolutely committed to leading all aspects of the plant-based food revolution—from discovery to commercial production. The only thing that will separate Impossible Foods from success and failure is our ability to recruit more world-class experts.
Want to join? Check out the job openings and requirements below:
Impossible Foods is looking for an articulate, thick-skinned, all-purpose, 100% mission-aligned writer, editor and content generator. This person will become a key addition to the comms team that focuses on internal communication, financial communication, messaging and reputation management. This person will play an active role in mission-critical functions, including (in this approximate order): content creation, internal communications, corporate communications, reputation management and comms analytics. The new comms specialist will help the broader comms team tell the Impossible Foods’ story to employees, media, investors and the public.
The role requires a crisp, articulate writer, including on super tight deadlines. And that means that this person must fundamentally be a curious researcher, interviewer and student at heart — someone who will do whatever it takes to get accurate information and help us expose it to relevant stakeholders — whether prospective employees, competitors or social media fans.
Functionally, this job at its core is about writing quickly and accurately. If you’re not a fast and excellent writer, this job is going to feel extremely painful.
We are a small, super-effective and hyper-organized comms team and take an “all hands on deck” approach to comms, so this role will by definition be broad. It will encompass disciplines including financial comms, media relations, messaging, investigative reporting, crisis comms, event management, executive communications and international communications. The ideal candidate is highly versatile.


  • Articulate Impossible Foods’ urgent mission and communicate our unique business story to key stakeholders, including investors and prospective investors around the world, customers and prospective customers around the world, restaurants and hospitality groups, VCs, NGOs and nonprofits, among others.
  • Generate a forward-looking road map of comms events, milestones and newsworthy business and financial content to keep us in the headlines with positive tonality and increasing share of voice.
  • Handle media inquiries and outreach, including those from uneducated or downright hostile media, including on extremely tight deadlines.
  • Stay flexible! Impossible Foods is a fast-growing startup, and our strategy is evolving every day. This is a dynamic company, and we are looking for people who are comfortable working in a startup environment. Given our growth trajectory and our strategic priorities, the comms team will likely be reorganizing at least twice a year to ensure that our roles and responsibilities are in line with company priorities.
  • Keep cool in all situations. Impossible Foods is an extremely high-profile company with an urgent mission and ambitious goals. The company’s patented technology to replace animal agriculture is highly disruptive and occasionally intentionally mischaracterized by haters and the incumbent industry. The ideal candidate is not a wallflower but a lucid, quick thinker who creates value for the company and holds media, influencers, NGOs and others accountable for accuracy and integrity — someone smart, with a moral compass and the guts to take a stance.
  • Above all else, prioritize the mission to make the global food system sustainable. This position will bring immeasurable satisfaction to someone who is passionate about Impossible Foods’ mission to end the need for animal agriculture. If you’re not mission aligned, this position will be unpleasant and stressful. Don’t apply if you simply want to fluff up your resume before going elsewhere. We want a passionate and driven person who will actively help achieve our mission.


  • 1-2 years of comms or closely related experience.

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Job posted: 2020-07-31