Community Manager

13 May, 2021


Community Manager


Mark43’s mission is to empower communities and their governments with new technologies that improve the safety and quality of life for all. We build powerful, scalable, and elegant software that sets a new standard for the tools upon which our first responders rely. Our users are diverse, and we are therefore committed to embracing diversity of thought and experience within our team.

We are looking for a Community Manager to join our team. Reporting to the Director of Program Management, you will work cross functionally across the organization with the product, marketing, and growth teams. You will be responsible for developing both physical and virtual high touch communities for all of Mark43’s clients.You will develop tools and approaches for Mark43 to share updates, solicit feedback, and set up an organic community where members rely on each other for new ideas or solutions. You will also serve as the point person to ensure consistency amongst all of Mark43 community activities (online, roundtables, user conferences, etc).


What You’ll Do:

If you were part of our team, here are some things you would have done last week:


  • BEEN THE VOICE OF MARK43: Managed day to day communications on Mark43’s community tools to spur conversation, shared relevant articles, made connections, and curated information. Ensured a consistent single voice in Mark43 messaging across community activities.  Generated enthusiasm for Mark43 products and kept customers energized about where Mark43 is going.
  • BEEN THE ARCHITECT: Strategized empathetic, inclusive, and fun ways to nurture community and grow user engagement. Set up both virtual and in-person forums for users to connect. Created a vibrant virtual community space where users can discuss our product, share ideas, and crowdsource to solve challenges.  Orchestrated and ran the Mark43 user conference. Developed in-person-lectures, webinars, and customer roundtable conversations to build customer engagement.
  • BEEN THE ADVOCATE: Shared key community learnings across the organization to influence marketing, product, and growth strategies.
  • BEEN THE PROGRAM MANAGER: Ensures projects remain on time, on schedule, and successful.


What You’ll Need:

We’re looking for someone with 5-8 years of experience building both online and in-person customer communities. You should have experience using tools to build virtual user forums to create online engagement amongst users. We also expect you to have experience planning and running user conferences both in-person and online, including experience with tools like Powerpoint, Slack, Zendesk, and online webinar software. You will be working directly with end users making connections, sharing information, and gaining buy-in, so you must be a skilled and effective communicator in multiple different mediums (virtual, in-person, formal written, online posts). You should have excellent project management skills and know how to transform an idea into a full-blown solution. Above all, you should be known as someone who can advocate for users across an entire organization.

People who thrive on our team also tend to share the following characteristics:

  • HUMBLE, OPEN, AND CURIOUS. You recognize there are numerous ways to solve a problem or implement a strategy. You gain various perspectives and consider the impact on the customer and other teams before making a decision. You also promote team diversity and diversity of thought.
  • ATTENTIVE, ACTIVE LISTENERS. You’re interested in what others have to say and illustrate your interest with your actions. You listen with empathy and ask follow up questions to determine what your team and customers would like to achieve. You are comfortable with conflict because conflict provides an opportunity to help solve problems.
  • ENTHUSIASTIC COLLABORATORS. You understand that the best outcomes are achieved through shared ownership, and you seek to spread knowledge and expand participation rather than restrict it. You need to work cross-functionally to achieve successful outcomes for your team and customers. You’ll also serve as a company ambassador for customer success since fulfilling customer outcomes is a shared responsibility.
  • ULTIMATE TEAM PLAYER You focus more on team and customer success than personal achievements. You understand that each team within the Deployments team works hand-in-hand to provide the best customer experience possible and you might have to pitch in to help other team members.
  • COMFORTABLE WITH AMBIGUITY. You know that sometimes problems and situations can’t be simplified or fully understood; you know where to find information to help bring clarity to a situation, but you also understand that you won’t always have all the information when making decisions. You invite change and help your team and customers navigate change.

Our team is located in our New York, however, we are open to new teammates who work in a remote capacity.

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Job posted: 2021-05-13