Compliance Training Education and Communications Manager

30 Oct, 2020


Compliance Training Education and Communications Manager

Commonwealth Care Alliance
Boston, MA

Why This Role is Important to Us

Under direction of the Director of Compliance and Regulatory Reporting, the primary focus of this position is the development, implementation and maintenance of a complete, effective internal Compliance Training, Education and communication Program for new and existing workforce members and to provide outreach to identified vendors, first-tier, downstream and related entities around compliance training. This position is also responsible for developing and maintaining metrics/data on training completion rates.


What You’ll Be Doing

Retain overall responsibility for developing, implementing and maintaining a scalable Compliance Training, Education and Communication Program. Elements of the Training and Education Program include:


  • Develop and deliver New Employee Orientation Training program, including:
    • Update and maintain training presentation consisting of all required elements and components
    • Develop and maintain secondary vendor onboarding compliance training requirements
    • Maintain and track completion rates and ensure completion of attestation forms
    • Work with external vendor(s) to develop interactive, effective compliance training programs
  • Develop Annual Compliance Training for all Workforce and Board of Directors
  • Identify need for and develop ad hoc trainings as needed
  • Work closely with Internal Audit, Information Privacy and Security and Fraud Waste and Abuse departments to develop training programs for those functional areas
    • Review and update Code of Conduct, annually.
  • Review and update Compliance Program Description, annually.
  • Serve as liaison between the Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Department and the HR Organizational Learning and Development department.
    • Maintain open communication with HR Learning and Development department.
    • Collaboratively develop, review and revise compliance training presentations
    • Participate in discussions to maintain and enhance system, as identified
    • Assume overall responsibility for ongoing monitoring of Compliance trainings in LMS system
  • Research, identify, update and enhance training when new federal and state regulatory requirements are identified
  • Retain overall responsibility for maintaining ongoing the Compliance, Training, Education and Communication Program including:
    • Develop and maintain up to date Standard Operating Procedures for Compliance Training and Education Program
    • Document training activities and maintain all appropriate training records.
    • Develop thorough training assessment mechanisms, including a system to use evaluations and assessments to determine training effectiveness and identify enhancements
    • Develop a train-the-trainer program for individual departments conducting department content-specific training, which includes ongoing face-to-face meetings with department managers
    • Develop and implement annual Compliance Month for CCA workforce
    • Work collaboratively with Compliance Managers to develop and maintain a program for oversight of first tier, downstream and related entities to monitor compliance with required training components
    • Enhance mechanisms to distribute relevant compliance topics and training materials to a growing organization
    • Develop regulatory content to be used in member and provider publications
    • Represent Regulatory Affairs and Compliance department at consumer/member meetings
    • Develop, maintain and present quarterly metrics reports representing all ongoing training program elements
    • Develop Compliance Tips of the Month
    • Maintain Compliance Rewards Program
  • Maintain accurate CMS Audit Protocol universes, as required for compliance program effectiveness
  • Manage the process to check all workforce, contractors, vendors, and consultants against the applicable federal and state exclusions databases prior to hire or contract and on a monthly basis. Maintain accurate listing and appropriately escalate identified potential issues. May involve managing an external vendor relationship.
  • Assume full responsibility for development of all training materials and support documents for CCA’s Governance, Risk and Compliance system
    • Participate in the implementation and deployment
    • Assume primary responsibility for training new users (upon implementation) and on an ongoing basis
    • Provide support to set up new users
  • Assume responsibility for creating training guides and delivering training on CCA’s developing Governance, Risk and Compliance platform.
  • Lead and/or assist with training in classroom settings, one-on-one, meetings, webinars, and workshops
  • Assist with new training content development as needed
  • Full responsibility for maintaining up to date compliance information on CCA’s website and Intranet site
  • Validate operational process execution and identify gaps in knowledge and training materials
  • Work with corporate operations team to determine strategic training plans to meet the needs of the business and drive objectives
  • Department contact for reviewing marketing materials and member and provider-facing documentation.
  • Partner with subject matter experts, to implement learning solutions

Secondary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Support overall Regulatory and Compliance Infrastructure
  • Research, review and analyze state and federal regulations and requirements, as requested:
    • Assist in processing regulatory guidance, including but not limited to, HPMS Memoranda, Federal Register, and/or OIG notifications and other regulatory guidance. Create summaries of changes to requirements and regulations, and identify business owners, impacted departments and required next steps for implementation. Coordinate distribution, comment collection and submission process for updated regulations.
    • Serve as Regulatory Affairs and Compliance liaison with key internal departments
      • Provide guidance and assistance as requested
      • Hold meetings with department leadership at agreed upon intervals
      • Attend department staff meetings and present information as requested
      • Assist in development of regulatory tool-kits and instruction materials as needed to assist departments with regulatory projects and process implementation
      • Support business units in interpretation of regulations related to their applicable areas as well as provide assistance in developing appropriate tools to ensure compliance
      • Provide consultation with business owners in developing policies and procedures and/or building internal workflows to ensure internal controls of high-risk regulatory requirements are in place and working effectively
  • Process and manage submission of HPMS applications
  • Prepare and coordinate regulatory filings as required
  • Project Manage communications, data collection, organization and submission of materials for external reviews and audit requests, as required
  • Assist in the oversight of the corporate Compliance Plan and identification of compliance risks
  • Assist in maintaining an effective compliance plan at CCA by promoting compliance with all compliance plan elements
  • Develop new processes and/or programs as directed

Level of Decision Making

  • Jobholder will be self-directed to identify and bring forward suggestions for program development to management for implementation. The combination of tasks or functional activities in this role requires the jobholder to plan and organize their own time and to know how their work relates to the work of others. Latitude is permitted, because of changing work circumstances, to consider the most appropriate procedure or precedent to follow.


Level of Job Complexity

  • Intermediate level of complexity. Most often, the job holder will encounter similar situations requiring solution by the discriminating choice between known alternatives. At times, the situation to be resolved includes circumstance, facts and issues that are different from those that have been encountered in the past. The jobholder is expected to consider alternative courses and make a recommendation to the supervisor on how to proceed.




What We’re Looking For

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience is required.
  • Demonstrated experience with adult-learning principles strongly preferred
  • Demonstrated experience in building a training and education program
  • Experience with selecting and working with vendors to develop training content
  • Experience in developing and facilitating training is required. Instructional design experience desired
  • 3-4 years’ work experience in health care preferred.
  • Project management skills or equivalents are required.
  • A background with Medicare, Medicaid and/or health plan operations preferred. Experience with health care compliance programs is also preferred.
  • Strong project management skills – having the ability to effectively manage multiple priorities simultaneously by maintaining established timeframes, adhering to work plans and communicating changes effectively, demonstrate attention to detail.
  • Strong written, verbal, listening and communication skills – having the ability to understand and communicate appropriately to the targeted audience.
  • Experience working with adult learners and experience with developing in-person and virtual training
  • Strong analytical skills – having the ability to identify an issue, conduct an analysis to determine business impact (including gap analysis), troubleshoot and identify solutions.
  • Candidate must be able to prioritize work and use independent judgment.
  • Self-directed with proven initiation skills.
  • Ability to initiate and develop new solutions to problems, to identify new opportunities; and have organizational perspective to see how the pieces fit and reflect that perspective in day-to-day decisions.
  • Strong research skills.
  • Strong presentation skills.
  • Position requires constant operation of a computer and other office equipment (i.e., copy machine, Polycom equipment, and computer printer)
  • Must be able to remain in a stationary position 50 percent of the time
  • Must be able to travel locally to CCA offices and conferences via public transportation and/or personal vehicle, as needed.
  • Must be able to effectively communicate with colleagues, internal customers and vendors

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Job posted: 2020-10-30