Congressional Notification Specialist

05 Sep, 2023


Congressional Notification Specialist

Organizational Development Resource Group (ODRG), LLC
Crystal City, VA

Organizational Development Resource Group (ODRG), LLC is a management consulting company that provides professional services to organizations within DoD, Federal, Commercial, and non – profit sectors. ODRG professional consultants provide management consulting and administrative support services. We assist our customers with strategic direction, implementation, and evaluation efforts that optimize their workforce and ultimately enhance the effectiveness of the organization. Our consultants have designed and delivered value added solutions for government and private organizations that have resulted in organizational effectiveness; process efficiency, strengthen workforce, and cost savings.

Overview: The FMS Congressional Notification (CN) team develops CN packages to meet requirements for successful notification, such as identification of Major Defense Equipment and reviewing and editing policy justifications and sensitivity of technology statements to ensure compliance with the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and DoD and State Department (DoS) policies. Adjudicates inconsistencies among coordinating agencies and drafts or redrafts compromise language. Responds to or, ensures responses are provided for substantive questions from DSCA, DoD, DoS, or Congressional sources related to major arms sales.

Key Responsibilities/Duties: 

  • Log CNs submitted by the Implementing Agencies (IA) into the status listing, updating throughout processing.
  • Review incoming CN packages to ensure compliance with AECA requirements; accuracy; correct formatting; etc.
  • If non-compliant, return to IA with guidance on what changes are required before resubmittal.
  • Initiate a cover sheet to capture pertinent information and status.
  • Coordinate and vet package within DoD.
  • Gain IOPS leadership approval.
  • Formally forward to State for processing.
  • Once DoS initiates a Tiered Review with Congress, create a CATMS action and build the formal notification package for Congress.
  • Route formal packages to the Front Office for signature and assign the task to the FO for action.
  • Scan signed, undated package into CN O: Drive.
  • Create News Releases and gain approval from STO for those CNs requiring News Releases.
  • Schedule posting of News Release to DSCA’s website with IM&T.
  • Deliver notifications to the required Committees’ security officers for CNs requiring hand-delivery (classified).
  • Send email confirmation to IA and DSCA/IOPS/REX of notification and provide an electronic copy.
  • Prepare Federal Register packages (as required) and route for IOPS signatures.
  • Forward signed packages for publishing in the Federal Register.
  • Load notified CN information into DSAMS.
  • Close out action in CATMS.
  • Must have an active Secret Clearance.
  • Must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in political science, foreign or international relations, national security studies, or a field directly related to the contract requirements.
  • A minimum of two (2) years performing congressional notification tracking and program analyst duties, as demonstrated in their resume.

Job posted: 2023-09-05