Corporate Communications Officer

08 Sep, 2020


Corporate Communications Officer

Eleanor Crook Foundation
Washington, DC

Corporate Communications Officer
The Eleanor Crook Foundation (ECF) seeks a Corporate Communications Officer (CO) to lead a
broad range of corporate communications and media relations activities for the Foundation and
to play an integral, leading role in telling the story of the Foundation’s work. Reporting to the
Foundation’s Director of Advocacy & Communications, and working alongside a dynamic team of
communications, policy and technical experts, the Corporate Communications Officer will support
internal and external communications for the foundation, including managing an editorial calendar
and media relationships; drafting articles, newsletters, and press releases; creating clear,
technically-accurate, and accessible collateral on severe malnutrition; leading speech writing for
ECF’s CEO; managing the development of clear internal communications, including with ECF’s
Board of Directors; enhancing ECF’s social and digital footprint, and other priority activities.
In addition to leading the Foundation’s communications activities, the Corporate Communications
Officer will have the unique opportunity to support grantee communication projects as well as
multi-stakeholder partnership opportunities and awareness-raising campaigns. In particular, the
Corporate CO will provide expert support to communications efforts within ECF grants, including
support to advocacy partners working to make the case for severe malnutrition as a global
development priority and support to technical or research partners who seek assistance in crafting
dissemination strategies for their work. The Corporate CO will also work collaboratively with ECF’s
Partnerships and Campaign Strategist to develop campaign collateral, coordinate partnership
launches, and attract media attention to critical, high-profile partnership efforts.
A successful applicant will help the growing organization effectively plan and manage its
communications, requiring a positive, “roll up your sleeves” attitude and a strong track record
developing flawless written communications. The Corporate CO will be adept at translating
nuanced, technical information for a more general audience. Applicants should have a
commitment to global development and a “sick-of-business-as-usual” attitude, with an unrelenting
desire to advance ambitious and creative ideas and collaborate across diverse stakeholders. A
professional who is a skilled self-motivator, who would benefit from flexible work policies, and
wants to have a meaningful impact on global health will thrive. This position is based in
Washington, DC.

Execute the Foundation’s Communications Strategy
● In collaboration with ECF’s Advocacy & Communications Director, and working across
the foundation team, implement and build upon the ECF communications strategy and
editorial calendar based on a masterful understanding of our target audience.
● Write, edit, and distribute content, including publications, press releases, website
content, annual reports, speeches, and other marketing material that communicates
ECF’s activities, in collaboration with ECF’s Communications Associate.
● Develop visual presentation materials – e.g. PowerPoints, handouts, etc. – to support
engagement with external partners. Where appropriate and necessary, liaise directly
with design consultants to ensure visually appealing and accurate designed materials.
● Working with other members of the ECF team, and in support of the CEO, develop
regular, clear communications to ECF’s Board of Directors.
● Copy-edit external facing documents, as required.
● Lead on ongoing management and refinement of the ECF website, to be launched at the
end of September 2020.
● Execute ECF’s social and digital strategy including development and management of ECF
social channels.
● Seek opportunities to enhance the reputation of the Foundation, and coordinate publicity
for events and partnerships as required.
● Maintain records of media coverage and collate analytics and metrics.
● Respond to media inquiries, arrange interviews, and, where appropriate, act as a
spokesperson for the organization.
Support Grantee Communications, Partnerships, Campaigns and Other Efforts
• Working with the Advocacy & Communications Director and Senior Program Officer for
Advocacy, develop and manage grants and contracts focused on communications
campaigns and advocacy collateral in support of ECF’s 2020-2025 strategy.
• Work closely with ECF grantees to support communications campaigns and other
communications efforts, where appropriate. Advise on strategy development and
dissemination strategies of partner efforts.
• Work closely with Partnerships and Campaign Strategist to develop supporting campaign
materials, and garner social and media attention.
Required Qualifications, Skills & Attributes:
• Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Journalism, or other relevant field;
• Minimum of 3-5 years of relevant experience in a communications role. Past experience
on written communications is essential, including in drafting blogs, op-eds, factsheets,
infographics, and speeches;
• Experience in developing and maintaining an editorial and content calendar, sourcing and
managing input across various internal and external stakeholders.
• Write and edit a variety of documents (e.g., website content, publications, blogs, articles,
presentations) on behalf of technical experts for distribution to external audiences
• Media relations experience including pitching, managing relationships with reporters,
setting up and staffing interviews for executives, and activating media partnerships. Ability
to tap into existing media relationships is a plus.
• Confidence in executing a digital strategy to elevate ECF’s online presence, including
maintaining the ECF website – such as blog, news and resources channels – as well as
overseeing SEO/SEM plans and making strategic recommendations for effective ROI;
• Experience in building out and maintaining social media channels and activating a social
content strategy.
• Support event coordination, sponsorship and participation of ECF team members in
industry events.
• Ability to effectively identify the need for and work with design and other consultants to
ensure high quality collateral and program management;
• High level of interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity to effectively interact with all
levels of US and internationally-based partners and staff;
• Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail;
• Capacity to work both independently and as a member of a team;
• Ability to effectively prioritize, set expectations, and manage up;
• Able to adeptly manage multiple workstreams, competing priorities and deadlines;
• Ability to coordinate activities with supervisors, colleagues and consultants; and,
• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, Google Drive, content management
systems, and social media platforms.

Desired Skills & Attributes:
• Attentive to detail
• Adept logistician
• Excellent writer
• Composed negotiator
• Socially perceptive
• Self-Starter
• Intellectually curious
• Highly collaborative
• Strategic Thinker and Advocate
• Risk Manager
• Compassionate

Salary commensurate with experience. To apply, please send your resume and cover
letter along with a short writing sample to:
Note: Please share a 2-3 writing and content samples that demonstrates an ability to succinctly
and compellingly describe a complex issue for a more general audience. This could be a blog,
op-ed, or a speech excerpt.

Job posted: 2020-09-08