D.C. Bureau Government Affairs Strategist

02 Nov, 2020


D.C. Bureau Government Affairs Strategist

Hyatt House Dallas Lincoln Park
Durant, OK

D.C. Bureau Government Affairs Strategist


This position will be located in Washington D.C.

Job Purpose or Objective(s): Acts as an advocate for Choctaw Nation with the Federal Government and on a sovereign-to-sovereign basis. Communicates between the U.S. federal government and internal Choctaw Nation partners such as the Chief, Assistant Chief, SEOs, Executive Directors, and Directors in ongoing federal policy related efforts.

Primary Tasks

  • Develop and execute strategies to increase the Choctaw Nations federal funding streams such as categorical grants, block grants, revenue shares, pass through, etc.
  • Attend and participate in discussions such as legislative hearings, listening sessions, and consultations geared towards Federal Indian Policy.
  • Develop and execute strategies to advance the Choctaw Nation’s governmental federal advocacy priorities via policy and regulatory action. Research, analyze, and monitor proposed and implemented federal public policy issues at all branches of government to assess impacts to the Choctaw Nation.
  • Maintain relationships with appointed officials at the national levels to ensure that Choctaw Nation’s leadership is properly positioned with key administration officials.
  • Prepare and submit written reports, analyses, and briefings for the Chief, Assistant Chief, the Tribal Council, SEOs, and other officials regarding federal public policy activity. Produce communication with governmental agencies.
  • Lead all intergovernmental communication and initiatives related to the Choctaw Nation’s federal designation. Build relationships with all partners from entry level federal staff to the President’s cabinet officials and White House staff. Be their primary point of contact for the Choctaw Nation. Maintain official records and documents to ensure all compliance with Tribal, federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to federal matters concerning the Government Relations Department.
  • Participate in and provide support at public events and meetings for the Choctaw Nation to help maintain relationships with elected officials and partners at the national level.
  • Other duties as may be assigned

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Job posted: 2020-11-02