Digital Communications Strategist

11 Jun, 2020


Digital Communications Strategist

Doctors for America
Washington, DC

Digital Communications Strategist – Job Opening
Doctors for America (DFA) is a national grassroots organization that mobilizes
thousands of doctors and medical students across the country to advocate for a system
that provides equitable, universal healthcare to everyone. DFA amplifies the voice of
progressive physicians through education and advocacy training to put patients over
politics and profits.
Job Overview:
Doctors for America is seeking a Digital Communications Strategist to oversee all our
communications, and outgoing marketing and public relations efforts. The ideal
candidate will be creative, data-focused, and results-driven, bringing the Doctors for
America message to key stakeholders, and an increasingly engaged community.
· Reports to DFA Executive Director
· Position classification: Exempt, full time
Job Duties:
As DFA’s Digital Communications Strategist, your first job will be organizing, prioritizing,
and implementing a marketing strategy based on the foundation previously crafted for
the organization. This may include, but is not limited to:
• Implementation of the Action Network platform across our website and all
communication strategies.
• Crafting a written branding guide to establish standards for Doctors for America
• Overseeing the execution of a renewed social media strategy, utilizing the
existing Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, and building a new Instagram
• Recommending a paid advertising budget and oversight of its management on
channels including, but not limited to Facebook’s Ad Platform, Twitter’s Ad
Platform, LinkedIn’s advertising platform, Google Ads, and Microsoft ads.
• Ensure consistent A/B testing to improve campaign performance over time.
• Drafting press releases and statements related to ongoing new stories, to get our
message to the right parties
• Communicating with and selecting vendors to assist with your communications
• Reporting to various stakeholders and recommending improvements to current
ongoing campaigns.
Requirements and qualifications:
• 4+ years of experience either in-house or at an agency performing marketing
communication efforts.
• Proven experience and portfolio leading communications strategies for a nonprofit.
• Oversight of paid advertising campaigns.
• Current on latest marketing trends and best practices for non-profits.
• Implementation and oversight of the Action Network platform.
• Media relationships within healthcare, governmental, or organizational spheres.
• Google Analytics Individual Qualification
• Previous work with creatives, or basic experience with the Adobe Suite.
• How to Apply: Please submit your resume, cover letter, and portfolio of past
work to include one press release, and one campaign communications plan to Include subject line: Last Name – Digital
Communications Strategist.
• Start Date: Available now
• Salary/Benefits: Competitive salary, health & dental insurance, vacation, sick
leave, and employer match retirement plan.

Job posted: 2020-06-11