Director of Communications and Marketing

01 Nov, 2021


Director of Communications and Marketing

Caminar Latino-Latinos United for Peace and Equity
Atlanta, GA

The Director of Director of Communications, Marketing, and Engagement is responsible for overseeing and providing leadership for Caminar Latino-Latinos United for Peace and Equity’s communications, marketing, and FVPSA engagement-related initiatives. The Director of Communications, Marketing, and Engagement will implement and evaluate the organizations communication and marketing strategy (including advertising events, promotions, and public relations); maximize the positive exposure of both the local and national initiatives of Caminar Latino and Latinos United for Peace and Equity; and oversee and direct relevant activities, projects, products, and staff.  Applicants with direct lived experience with domestic violence, or the child welfare, custody, immigration, and other systems, are encouraged to apply.

Functions and Responsibilities include

  • Develop, implement and measure the success of a detailed and comprehensive marketing, communications, and public relations strategy and work plan that will expand the image and position of Caminar Latino and Latinos United for Peace and Equity both locally and nationally in consultation with the CEO’s leadership team.
  • Ensure implementation of grant-required communication and marketing deliverables.
  • Work closely with the Board of Directors to ensure that communication and marketing needs, and goals are identified and achieved.
  • Participate in training, work groups, forums, etc. that forward the organizations initiatives, presence, and influence.
  • Work closely with the CEO’s, public policy staff, advisory committees, and a variety of stakeholders to communicate to internal and external stakeholders the impact of relevant legislation and public policies affecting Latin@ communities as well as all people effected by domestic violence.
  • Communicate to internal and external stakeholders the critical issues and promising practices affecting Latin@ communities as well as issues effecting all survivors of domestic violence generally.
  • Produce monthly newsletters, press releases, event announcements, and organizational print and electronic materials.
  • Plan and spearhead marketing events and campaigns to strengthen public relations and organizational visibility.
  • Coordinate media interest in the organization, respond to requests, and ensure regular contact.
  • Direct social media efforts including creating and designing content and managing and posting to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter across both the local and national platforms.
  • Ensure brand uniformity across the Caminar Latino and Latinos United for Peace and Equity direct client services, training and technical initiatives, research projects, public policy initiatives, and overall communications.
  • Provide timely briefs and strategic information to the CEO’s, as requested
  • Ensure timely submission of monthly and quarterly statistical reports for grant-related projects.

Minimum Qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, public relations, journalism, or related field and a minimum of seven years experience in administering national level communications and marketing strategies in the violence against women or social justice fields (or equivalent combination of education and experience). Bilingual (Spanish/English) required. Additional skills and abilities include: demonstrated skills, knowledge, and experience in the design and execution of communication, marketing and public relations activities utilizing excellent interpersonal and collaborative skills; superior skills in effective oral and written communication in both English and Spanish; ability to manage multiple priorities to complete work in a timely and productive manner, knowledge of and ability to use computers, internet, software, and other resources to effectively accomplish work; and significant knowledge of the Latinx community and domestic violence issues.

Apply to This Job

Instructions:Please submit application materials in PDF format to . Ensure resume includes month and year details for previous employment and professional references. Writing sample does not have to be professionally published and can come from any source including a previous product created, newsletter or blog, proposal, or any other document created to inform or educate others.

Job posted: 2021-11-01