Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

18 Jan, 2023


Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

Coalition for the Homeless
New York, NY

The Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA)Director will work to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the organization by collaborating with leadership to implement the Coalition’s DEIA Strategic Plan, with a focus on attracting, hiring, and retaining diverse staff and fostering a vibrant and supportive workplace environment for all employees, volunteers, and clients.

The DEIA Director’s primary responsibilities include working with the Director of Human Resources to ensure organizational policies are consistent with the Statement of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; overseeing implementation of the action steps in the DEIA strategic plan; continually developing new DEIA initiatives within the organization; and helping to ensure that recruitment and hiring procedures increase the diversity of the staff to better reflect the diversity of the organization’s clients.

The DEIA Director will have a genuine passion for social justice; exceptional interpersonal skills; and expertise in cultural development and transformation, change management, and leadership to achieve the organization’s DEIA objectives. The ideal leader for this role will have a growth mindset and be committed to lifelong learning for themselves and others. The DEIA Director will have a capacity to develop strong relationships with all staff based on trust, respect, effective communication, and shared goals, and will be a skilled mediator and communicator, including writing and active listening, who can help people with divergent views come together in shared understanding.

This DEIA Director will have experience in HR and should have knowledge of relevant federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and/or the ability to independently research and understand them. The DEIA Director will adopt a professional tone consistent with the mission and goals of the Coalition for the Homeless.

QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS required with a strong preference for coursework in diversity, equity, inclusion, or accessibility work. At least three years of relevant DEIA, recruitment, and/or human resources experience, with at least one year of experience supervising staff required. Experience creating and executing DEIA work in organizations required; this includes relevant paid and unpaid/volunteer/community work. Consistent ongoing learning in the field of DEIA work, both taking and delivering DEIA trainings. Must be able to effectively communicate with all levels of staff and internal and external stakeholders about policies, challenges, programmatic concerns and needs. Excellent communication skills, including writing, editing, computer, and analytical skills, as well as a desire to work as part of a team, are required. Lived experience – including first-hand knowledge and understanding of the sweeping impact of societal failures to properly value diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility – is highly desired. Lived experience with homelessness, disability, and Spanish language skills are also desirable.


The Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility shall:

·      Take the lead role in implementing the action steps in the DEIA Strategic Plan, which was drafted with assistance from a consultant and included significant staff input.

·      Ensure that the DEIA Strategic Plan remains dynamic by continually developing new initiatives and policies to foster a culture of respect for the dignity and value of all staff, volunteers, and clients of the organization.

·      Work with the Director of HR and hiring managers to ensure that recruitment and hiring practices increase diversity in the organization, especially in management and leadership opportunities throughout the agency.

·      Help review resumes and application materials of those applying for positions in the organization, and participate in interviews as requested.

·      Recommend practices and policies that foster the retention and career progress of diverse staff.

·      Review and recommend any necessary changes to language on our website, social media postings, job postings, and internal documents to ensure use of respectful and inclusive language.

·      Develop metrics to help objectively measure organizational success in pursuing DEIA goals.

·      Help develop mechanisms that allow the concerns and opinions of all staff in the organization, especially those in underrepresented demographics or groups, to be heard and considered by leadership.

·      Work with the HR Director and other staff to organize a calendar of staff trainings to foster better understanding of DEIA issues, increase employees’ knowledge and skills, and boost morale.

·      Help to coordinate and facilitate information to staff that highlights positive efforts and accomplishments of staff members, improves communication across departments, and inclusively acknowledges staff at all levels of the agency.

·      Represent the organization at career events.

·      In collaboration with senior leadership staff, ensure organizational compliance with all government regulations on inclusion and accessibility, including those regarding employee relations, provision of services to clients, and the physical structure of organizational offices and other property.

·      Perform all other duties as may be assigned by the Director of Human Resources or designee.

REPORTS TO: Director of Human Resources or designee.

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Job posted: 2023-01-18