The Jackson Laboratory
Washington, DC

Job description

The Director of Federal Government Relations will represent The Jackson Laboratory to elected and appointed officials in Washington. The incumbent will identify prospective linkages, develop strategies for pursuing new partnerships, conduct research into policy issues and guide the Laboratory’s interactions with appointed and elected officials.

· Monitor, analyze and synthesize legislative proposals to determine their impact on JAX. (20%)

· Establish and maintain close working relationships with elected officials and staff, institutional partners, collaborators, and agency personnel. (20%)

· Educate and engage Federal officials in discussions about the importance of biomedical research at JAX and its effect on human health and the US economy. (25%)

· Produce written analyses and position papers on policy matters of importance to the Lab (15%)

· Guide internal discussions regarding new threats and opportunities, and seek new ways to maximize funding opportunities with the federal government and nonprofit agencies. (20%)

Key Metrics

· Conduct research and establish new relationships to identify potential opportunities for JAX.

· Match internal needs with external opportunities via discussion and exploration.

· Generate and execute a legislative strategy to advance JAX’s policy and funding agendas.

· This position addresses some critical needs within JAX. Diversifying our revenue streams and expanding total revenues are among our highest priorities.

· We are entering a new era in Washington, and many of the policies that affect the success of the Laboratory will be under review. We must have a strong voice in shaping the rules and regulations under which we will be operating.



Job Posted: March 26, 2017