Director Government Affairs- Affordable Housing

19 Aug, 2020


Director Government Affairs- Affordable Housing

The Michaels Organization
Camden, NJ


Our business is real estate, but our organization is so much more than bricks and mortar, beautiful buildings and well-managed properties. Our business is about people who need a place to call home and the people of Michaels who make it all happen.

The Director of Government Affairs oversees and coordinates 3rd party (agency, investor, etc.) communications and relationships pertaining to HUD HAP Contract Renewals, PBV Contract Renewals, Section 811 PRA Contract Renewals, and creates/circulates the contractual paperwork needed to secure the same, including but not limited to HAP agreements, OCAF worksheets, internal correspondence, Forms HUD-92458 (rent schedules), et cetera.  Specific and/or additional details/requirements, together with ancillary responsibilities, are enumerated below.



1. Maintain/update the master tracking lists (expiration dates, rent increase effective dates, rent comparable study due dates, etc.) pertaining to, and complete all required steps for the successful execution and implementation of, HAP Contract Renewals for the MMA Section 8 portfolio (approximately 141 communities as of this date), PBV Contract Renewals and Section 811 PRA Contract Renewals (approximately 66 communities as of this date).
2. For communities reflected in No. 1, above, complete all required steps pertaining to annual rent increase requests, including but not necessarily limited to OCAF (operating cost adjustment factors) increase worksheets, AAF (annual adjustment factor) rent reasonableness increases, all resident notices, forms, internal rent sheets and other communication, etc.
3. Coordinate and follow-through to completion the annual utility allowance analyses for all Section 8 communities. Work with Community Managers to gather the requisite signed resident releases. Interface with Zeffert & Associates (third-party analyses provider) for baseline utility data as needed (generally, once every three years; subject to change). Calculate factor-based utility allowance analyses during intervening years and provide to internal personnel.
4. Monitor, maintain and distribute internal so-called ‘Rent Sheets’ and HUD Forms 92458 (Rent Schedules).
5. Solicit estimates for and commission Rent Comparability Studies (RCS) as needed or required by HUD, other agencies, and/or regulatory provisions. Coordinate with Capright (and/or other RCS providers), Community Managers, Regional Property Managers and others as needed for RCS completion. Distribute the published study internally and externally as needed.
6. Consult and coordinate periodically with Michaels Development and Michaels Finance staff regarding HAP contracts in the context of existing site refinancing and new acquisitions, as well as existing HUD management fee caps effective in various regions.
7. Prepare, publish and submit annual compliance-related reports and certifications to HUD and/or other agencies for those sites participating in the Mark-to-Market (M2M) program (approximately 55 communities as of this date).
8. Monitor and process Social Service Coordinator Grant requests (approximately 11 communities as of this date) totaling approximately $400k annually. Coordinate with Regional Accounting Managers and Better Tomorrows personnel as needed.
9. Attend the following meetings as scheduled on a regular basis; be prepared to answer HAP-related and other questions as may arise from time-to-time:
a. Developer Meetings
b. Board Notes Reviews
c. Departmental Correlation Meetings
d. Any and all other meetings as may be required
10. Prepare and submit, to the necessary parties and in the approved format, board notes summaries (e.g. synopses of rent changes, HAP-related activity, etc.). From those meetings in #9, above, add new or updated site information to the master tracking lists as applicable.
11. Monitor various ‘listserve’ and similar distributions for changes to HUD and/or other program regulations. Stay abreast and informed of changes as they occur, together with relevant impacts to program requirements, submission protocols, etc., and may result in the best possible benefit to the community(ies) and to The Michaels Organization. Facilitate and maintain congenial and effective working relationships with personnel at HUD offices, contract administrators, public authorities, etc. across the portfolio. Provide assistance and guidance to management field staff as may be required periodically for effective implementation of rent changes, updated procedures, clarifications, etc.
12. Any and all other duties as may be assigned, including any special assignments as well as modifications to the above duties as dictated by the needs of Michaels Management-Affordable, LLC.


Required Experience:

Experience and familiarity with HUD programs and public housing authority-administered programs required.


Required Education/Training:

One or more HUD certification(s) (e.g. COS, COSA, CVS, COSP, etc.) required. Additional training, pertaining to HUD HAP contract processing, may be provided by the Company.


Required Skills and Abilities:

Written communication skills (e.g. letter writing, form completion, internal correspondence, etc.); ability to review and understand handbooks/regulations/notices as published by HUD and/or other agencies; attention to detail, particularly with tracking, monitoring and follow-up on outstanding issues; working understanding of Microsoft Excel/Microsoft Word and/or their Google equivalents; commitment and ability to track and meet numerous, often simultaneous, deadlines. Ability to read financial statements (balance sheet and budget operating reports) highly desirable, although training may be provided by the Company.


Working Conditions:

Excellent working conditions; private office in a professional environment and/or work-from-home subject to the current impact of the pandemic and Company practices. Office hours generally 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with some variation allowed for commute, traffic patterns, etc. (to be approved). Initial potentially longer hours would reasonably be expected to contract as the candidate becomes familiar with job requirements, gains required knowledge, establishes routines, etc.

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Job posted: 2020-08-19