Director – Healthcare Communications

03 Jun, 2021


Director – Healthcare Communications

Hubbell Communications
Portland, OR/Seattle, WA

The work we do starts with some baseline facts.  

Climate change is real. The healthcare system is broken. The cost of higher education is  unsustainable. Black lives matter. Every vote counts. Public health is vital. Conservation is  about balance. Every community should be a great place to live, work, and play. 

We start from here. But these are just the problems.  

Our job is to help the organizations, businesses, and policymakers make progress towards viable  solutions to some of our biggest challenges. These are not partisan debates. They are shared  challenges that require multiple viewpoints to come together on the best path forward. 

Our brand was built around a core belief that better communications helps us all create better  communities. The work we do sits at the intersection of business, policy, advocacy, and media.  We specialize in a mix of public relations and public affairs, but our core expertise is understanding the biggest issues affecting communities today – including healthcare, climate  policy, education, and community planning. 

We manage a diverse portfolio of corporate, industry association, government, and non-profit clients working to address complex issues in energy, health and wellness, transportation, land  use planning and development, and environmental policy.  

We are fueled by challenges. Driven by curiosity. Inspired by communities. And dedicated to  making progress.  

This is the mindset at Hubbell Communications.  


Our Core Values  

We are an agency that welcomes diverse people, voices, backgrounds and experiences – lived and  otherwise. We celebrate different ways of looking at a problem while coming together with a  shared belief in doing high-impact work.  

Our culture is rooted in our core values:

Embrace the friction. We name the elephants in the room. We believe challenging an idea makes  it better. We know progress requires compromise and brilliant ideas go through many drafts. We  know it’s not about what we did last but what we can do next.  


Be fearless. We are an agency who leads our peers, not one that that accepts the status quo. We  take risks that stand to increase our growth. We do not “blame-and-shame” among our team.  When one of us falters we all learn to do better. We aren’t afraid of what we don’t know. We are  endlessly curious. We want to be known for things no one else is doing, not that we can do what  everyone else does. 

Whiteboards. Not cookie-cutters. We are not a cut-and-paste agency. We don’t approach problems  with the solution. We approach every problem with questions. We are obsessive in our desire to  understand the complex. We poke holes in assumptions. We question the status quo. We  celebrate diverse ways of understanding a challenge. 

Be the net. We hold each other accountable. We know our whole is greater than the sum of its  parts. We give others opportunities to step up instead of asking them to step aside. We look out  for each other. When one of us falters, we help them get back up. We never leave one of our own  out on the field. 

Never stand still. We know a victory is a moment before the next battle. We refuse to use  expertise as an excuse for the status quo. We know that change is constant. We look for where  the puck is going to go, not where it is. We look around corners to see what others can’t. We  watch trends that help identify opportunities. 

Value drives cost. We don’t sell our time, we sell the value we create. We know it is our collective  expertise, not our capacity, that drives demand for our business. We know that knowledge,  networks, and access are more valuable than our availability or the billable hours in the day.   

About This Role:  


As the Director of Healthcare Communications, you will play a leadership role in advancing our  work to protect patients’ rights, build awareness of chronic disease care and treatments, and help  diverse coalitions advocate to expand access and ensure affordable care nationwide. You will  work on a host of issues related to cost of care, coverage assistance, treatment, accessibility,  primary care, disease management, public health funding, and healthcare reform. 

This role includes a unique ability to build and manage coalitions, work alongside government  affairs experts navigating city halls and state capitols, and provide thought leadership on  healthcare advocacy strategies, messages, and campaigns. You will work to mobilize patients  through testimonials, profiles, grassroots outreach, and public education efforts. In this role, you  will also be responsible for the administration of coalitions – from managing budgets, partner  outreach and recruitment, and vendor management in addition to directing the team’s efforts to  advance priorities.  

This position requires familiarity with member engagement and development, organizational  leadership and management, strategic planning and vision mapping, and public speaking and  presentation on behalf of healthcare entities, patients, and advocacy groups.    




Key Qualifications:  

  • Organizational leadership with an ability to build and manage the creation of strategic advocacy campaigns across the healthcare sector that deliver results on budget. Experience organizing and managing diverse coalitions focused on addressing state and national healthcare debates. 
  • Expertise in working with initiative funders and partner/sponsorship organizations. Knowledge of organizational governance, managing $1M+ budgets, direction strategic planning, and reporting to membership and Boards of Directors.
  • Confidence working on projects across advocacy communications, public affairs, public relations, and government relations.
  • An understanding of the changing forces in the communications landscape – and an understanding of both traditional media and emerging trends in data, analytics, and social media influence. 
  • Understanding of how to track legislation across multiple issues in multiple states – and  provide support and updates to larger coalition members on calls to action. Proven understanding of healthcare policy and an ability to navigate state legislative  environments to ensure patient interests are heard. 
  • Confidence navigating complex industry and coalition relationships and experience  managing regular incoming client requests. 

Necessary Skills:  

  • Strong presentation skills and confidence speaking in front of groups of people – including  giving on-the-record media interviews and presenting at conferences and events. An ability able to handle multiple projects, deadlines, and assignments while maintaining our rigorous standards for high-quality work.
  • Excellent writing skills with a proven ability to develop publishable content – from op-eds to thought leadership reports.
  • Strong internal communications skills with an ability to build relationships and problem  solve with internal project teams and partners. 
  • Proven client services experience with an ability to manage evolving needs and incoming  requests – including managing teams and staff who needs guidance on tactical deliverables. 
  • Project management expertise – including an ability to operationalize large tasks across a  team of staff and ensure deliverables are tracked effectively and efficiently.  



Hubbell offers all full-time employees a leading-edge benefits package, including healthcare insurance coverage, 401k/retirement benefits, an unlimited paid-time off policy, paid maternity /  paternity leave, and a flexible remote work policy.  

This position will be primarily based in our Portland, Oregon headquarters. However, we will  consider candidates based in strategically located metropolitan regions where we work, including  Washington, DC, Seattle, Boise, San Francisco, and Denver – with the expectation there will be  some degree of travel required if out-of-state.

Resumes may be sent to

Job posted: 2021-06-03