Director of Member Engagement & Political Affairs

26 Feb, 2019


Director of Member Engagement & Political Affairs

Financial Services Institute
Washington, DC

Job Description for

Director of Member Engagement & Political Affairs

The Financial Services Institute Director of Member Engagement & Political Affairs builds and maintains a grassroots army of engaged members who respond effectively to FSI’s requests for action in support of the organization’s advocacy objectives and maintain high quality relationships with key members of Congress and state legislative bodies. The Director of Member Engagement & Political Affairs will be responsible for: (a) Coordination and management of multiple projects simultaneously; (b) Activities that require personnel, resource, and budget management as well as significant interaction with FSI volunteers; and (c) Strategic thinking and planning in furtherance of FSI’s mission. The position will involve extensive interaction with FSI staff and members, members of Congress, members of state legislatures, state regulators, contract lobbyists, and other outside vendors.

Required Skill Set: (a) Relationship building and networking skills; (b) Ability to educate members on the political process; (c) Ability to motivate members to become politically active; (d) Ability to plan and execute local advocacy events; (e) Experience with PAC management and/or fundraising; (f) Comfort with business travel; and (g) Ability to work effectively within a team environment.


More specifically, the Director of Member Engagement & Political Affairs is responsible for the following functions:


I.     Grassroots Development and Support

A.           Identify, cultivate, and maintain quality relationships between FSI members and a targeted list of members of Congress and state legislatures and regulators for the purpose of achieving FSI’s Advocacy Priorities.

B.           Develop and utilize training materials, including those provided by the Congressional Management Foundation, to educate FSI member firm CEOs and grasstops to be effective citizen lobbyists.

C.           Plan and coordinate member of Congress office visits to our Firms.

D.           Identify and create opportunities for FSI member firm CEOs and grasstops to build relationships with their member of Congress and state officials.

E.            Maintain FSI’s database with information relevant to these efforts.


II.     Member Engagement

A.           Develop personal relationships with FSI member firm CEOs and grasstops for the purpose of enlisting their involvement in advancing FSI’s Mission and achieving its Advocacy Priorities.

B.           Expand and maintain existing FSI relationships with key contacts and with member councils in close coordination with your supervisor and the appropriate members of the FSI staff. These relationships include:

1.           Firm Members in close coordination with the Vice President, Corporate Relations.

2.           Financial Advisor Members in close coordination with CEOs of their broker-dealer firms and the Senior Vice President, Membership & Marketing.

3.           Sponsor personnel in close coordination with the Director, Corporate Relations.

4.           Federal legislators in close coordination with the Vice President, Legislative and Political Affairs.

5.           State legislators in close coordination with the Director of State Legislative Affairs.

6.           State securities regulators in close coordination with the Vice President, Regulatory Affairs.

C.           Facilitate the communication of political efforts to the FSI Board, volunteer leaders, and other members to encourage their continued engagement.

D.           Participate in relevant business travel.

E.            Maintain FSI’s database with information relevant to these member engagement efforts.

III.               Coordination of Political Activities with Legislative and Membership Initiatives

A.           Remain informed of FSI’s Advocacy Priorities, legislative activities, and key relationships with legislators.

B.           Inform the Advocacy Team of FSI member relationships and contacts with key legislators and regulators.

C.           Identify opportunities to involve FSI member firm CEOs and grasstops in the fundraising events of incumbent candidates for Federal office.

D.           Maintain quality relationships with FSI’s contract lobbyists.

E.            Remain informed of FSI member issues, needs, and concerns along with membership team activities and key relationships within member firms.

F.            Maintain FSI’s database with information relevant to legislative and membership initiatives.


IV.              PAC Management and Fundraising

A.   Facilitate the development and implementation of an FSI PAC fundraising plan;

B.   Prepare PAC newsletters and annual reports;

C.   Maintain relevant content on the PAC web site;

D.   Support efforts to solicit contributions to FSI PAC from members in accordance with the fundraising plan and legal obligations.

V.                Political Affairs Team Work

A.           Facilitate the development of policies and procedures to promote efficient and effective operation of FSI’s political activities and the Political Affairs Department.

B.           Work effectively with other Directors of Political Affairs by sharing with colleagues any best practices you have developed to fulfill your obligations under this job description.

C.           Manage your budget and resources for maximum effectiveness while remaining a good steward of our members’ dues.

VI.              Other Duties

A.           Lead by example through daily demonstration of a commitment to FSI’s core values, including:

i.   Results – We strive for excellence in everything we do, from impactful advocacy to superior service for all our stakeholders.

ii.   Integrity – We are accountable for our words and actions and demonstrate integrity and transparency in our work. We show kindness and consideration to one another at all times.

iii.   Collaboration – We benefit from the collective genius of our team by engaging in collaborative decision making based on trust in each other’s motives and respect for each other’s views.

iv.   Balance – We promote the wellbeing of our employees by creating an environment in which we can create a healthy balance between FSI and our priorities outside work.

B.           Embrace the effective use of technology to advance our advocacy efforts, operate effectively, preserve institutional knowledge and promote efficiency.

C.           Mentor FSI staff in order to develop their knowledge of FSI’s members, its advocacy positions and effectiveness.

D.           Travel as necessary to perform job functions effectively.

E.            Perform additional duties as necessary to facilitate the achievement of FSI’s mission, strategic plan, membership goals, advocacy priorities and other objectives as assigned by FSI’s Executive Vice President & General Counsel or Vice President of Legislative & Political Affairs.

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Job posted: 2019-02-26