Director, State and Local Public Policy

05 Apr, 2021


Director, State and Local Public Policy

Chamber of Progress
Washington, DC

The Chamber of Progress, a new progressive tech industry coalition, is seeking a Director of State and Local Public Policy.


  • Lead the organization’s advocacy work on state and local social and economic policy issues
  • Lead the organization’s work on flexible labor, the gig economy, privacy, and “permission-slip” innovation in regulated industries (transportation, health care, housing, etc)
  • Write letters, blog posts, statements, and testimony on assigned policy areas
  • Testify before policymakers and organize policy events
  • Engage in social media rapid response on regulatory news
  • Engage with state and local elected officials on the organization’s policy agenda
  • Build political relationships with state and local officials


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum of 5 years work experience
  • Aggressive mindset and bias toward action
  • Experience in Democratic politics or progressive causes
  • Familiarity with tech policy
  • Outstanding writing abilities: Must be a creative, succinct, and fast writer
  • Prior experience driving a policy or regulatory campaign
  • Can be located anywhere the U.S., but must be willing to travel
  • Compensation range: $80,000 – $110,000 annual salary. Benefits included.

About the Chamber of Progress

The Chamber of Progress ( is a new center-left tech policy industry coalition working to help usher in a progressive high-tech future and ensure that all Americans benefit from technological leaps.

We’re not just another business group. Everyone knows that a local “chamber of commerce” promotes business and free markets. We’re an industry group, but instead of focusing on commerce, the Chamber of Progress is promoting a progressive high-tech society, economy, workforce, and consumer climate.

The Chamber of Progress backs public policies promoting:

  • Economic progress, including combatting income inequality; promoting a bigger, modern social safety net; encouraging progressive taxation; and supporting reliable, win-win online marketplaces;
  • Social progress, including promoting inclusive democracy; supporting bold action against climate change; promoting digital opportunity for all; and advocating for healthy and equitable online communities.
  • Consumer progress, including promoting the principle that tech should always serve consumers’ interests; “building back better” by investing in communities and regulated innovation; increasing access to goods and information; and balancing consumer and worker concerns.

The Chamber of Progress is supported by leading technology companies, but no partner companies sit on the organization’s board of directors, and the organization will remain true to its stated principles even when its partners disagree.

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Job posted: 2021-04-05