Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Manager

29 Aug, 2022


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Manager

Center for Appellate Legislation
New York, NY

Job Summary

The Center for Appellate Litigation (CAL) seeks a full time Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager. The DEI Manager is a full time, independent executive leadership position. The DEI Manager will have the ability to exercise independent judgment and will report directly to CAL’s Executive Director. They will be responsible for leading the organization’s strategic efforts toward creating a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and antiracist organization.

About CAL

CAL is a 50+ attorney non-profit public defense law firm dedicated to fighting injustice through exceptional advocacy and enduring compassion for every client. We represent indigent New Yorkers convicted of crimes in Manhattan and the Bronx, the vast majority of whom are Black and Latinx, in their criminal appeals and other post-conviction proceedings. We envision a post-conviction process grounded in our clients’ humanity and pursue dynamic approaches to serve our clients and challenge the status quo.


● Bachelor’s Degree in relevant concentration or equivalent relevant work experience;

● Two or more years experience in the DEI field;

● Demonstrable history of workplace leadership in DEI matters.

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications

● A deep understanding of the systemic and individual impacts of poverty and racial oppression, particularly with regard to the criminal legal system;

● Experience with strategies designed to address racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of bigotry and bias;

● Ability to be collaborative and team oriented with the ability to build relationships throughout the organization;

● Solid verbal and written communication skills;

● Ability to facilitate conversations about race, gender, equity, and inclusion;

● Problem solving and organizational skills;

● Ability to handle confidential materials;

● Experience in project management;

● Ability to work well within a union environment required;

● Experience in nonprofit environment strongly preferred.

Role Responsibilities

● Cultivate and promote an inclusive work environment that encourages and supports cultural competency, psychological safety, and racial equity;

● Create and periodically review the office’s policies and practices, with the aim of crafting policies to foster a more diverse and inclusive organization;

● Cultivate hiring processes focused on the recruitment and retention of diverse staff members;

● Work collaboratively to develop training programs for staff in the core competencies necessary to build equity and inclusion and help effectuate diversity change efforts;

● Develop and maintain mechanism to regularly solicit staff input and feedback;

● Identify areas of improvement in multi-cultural and minority support within the organization;

● Collect and analyze internal quantitative and qualitative data relevant to diversity and inclusion goals;

● Coordinate with rotating Race, Class, Power and Privilege Staff Liaison to integrate staff feedback into discussions, trainings, and policies;

● Serve as trusted advisor to employees on matters related to diversity and inclusion.

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Job posted: 2022-08-29