Energy & Regulatory Policy Lead

28 Feb, 2021


Energy & Regulatory Policy Lead

Clean Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

Clean Virginia is an independent advocacy organization with an associated Political Action Committee, Clean
Virginia Fund, working to fight legalized corruption in Virginia politics in order to promote clean energy and
community control over our energy policy. We are motivated by the core belief that our democracy should serve the
interests of citizens over special interests and that our energy policy should be a vehicle for social and economic
justice in this country, not a driver of climate change, environmental degradation, inequality and political
Clean Virginia is working towards these goals in three ways: first, we design innovative campaigns to educate,
inform, and engage Virginians on clean government and consumer-first clean energy. Second, we engage in
innovative research to enact structural reform that protects consumers, promotes clean government, and advances
21st-century energy policy. Third, we support candidates for state-level elected office in Virginia who prioritize the
interests of Virginians over those of the Commonwealth’s utility monopolies in order to eliminate the undue influence
of these monopolies over the public officials who regulate them.
About Us: We are a small team of dedicated people headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia. We are a highly
collaborative staff, and we lean on the collective experience, knowledge and skills of our team and cultivate
interpersonal trust and open communication.
Application Instructions: Please submit a resume and cover letter to with “Energy &
Regulatory Policy Lead” in the subject line.
Clean Virginia is committed to a just, representative and inclusive working environment and encourages people of
color, women, persons with disabilities, and persons who are LGBTQ to apply.
Job description
Energy & Regulatory Policy Lead
Spearhead Clean Virginia’s research and policy on energy and utility issues, including but not limited to energy
burden, environmental justice, transitioning to a just and equitable clean energy economy, utility regulation, market
design, energy efficiency, and clean transportation. In addition to producing primary research and collating
secondary research on these topics, they will also work collaboratively with partners in this space and advocate for
justice-informed environmental and energy policy with the state legislature and administration. Develop and oversee
a robust primary research and policy development program, providing in-house expertise on issues including:
energy utility regulatory reform; the legal and regulatory barriers to advancing distributed and community-owned
renewable energy; the intersection between utility reform, environmental justice and consumer protection; clean
transportation and electric vehicles. Spearhead the production of detailed policy reports, one-pagers, and other
materials with the goal of making environmental justice and utility regulation policy more accessible to the general
public and interested stakeholders. Monitor, study, and research proposed energy and utility legislation and policy to
determine the impact on Virginians and makes appropriate recommendations. Closely monitor energy trends,
significant issues in the utility landscape, and regulatory action and the implementation of energy law in Virginia.
Prepare and present testimony, or works with volunteers and partners to present testimony, at appropriate
legislative hearings, committee meetings, etc. Work with other individuals and groups to collaborate on legislative
and policy initiatives. Ensure Clean Virginia’s strategic imperative of equity, justice, and inclusion is included in all
legislative and policy efforts. Assist with political work and perform miscellaneous duties as assigned. Regular travel
to Richmond during legislative sessions (January / February); other travel within Virginia on as-needed basis.
● Master’s or foreign equivalent in public policy or related relevant field. In lieu of master’s degree, will also
accept bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in public policy or related relevant field, plus two years of
experience in public policy.

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Job posted: 2021-02-28