Executive Director

12 Jan, 2022


Executive Director

Virginia Food Industry Association
Richmond, VA

Directs the Virginia Food Industry Association as the lead lobbyist for the Government Relations Program for Virginia’s Food and Grocery Industry. Also Responsible for building membership, developing and executing business, public policy and legislative strategies, and maintaining VFIA’s role as the unified and credible voice of the retail industry in Virginia.


  • Provides leadership to carry out the Board’s vision, goals, and objectives through strategic and day-to-day operations of the Association;
  • Develops and manages an annual budget as approved by the Board of Directors and performs all administrative duties;
  • Implements and directs statewide membership recruitment and retention strategies to grow the association and brand, including development and management of member benefits and related programs;
  • Serves as primary spokesperson for the Virginia Food Industry Association and the grocery industry with government, policymakers and the media;
  • Acts as the primary representative with the Virginia General Assembly, Congressional Delegation, and Regulatory agencies and Departments on behalf of Virginia Food Industry Association members; Establishes personal contact with the members of the VA General Assembly, the Council of State, cabinet members and officials in government departments and agencies;
  • Works with the Board of Directors to develop public policy positions and manage strategies to advance the proactive retail agenda before state and local government and other legislative bodies and defend against legislation and regulations that would negatively impact the food/grocery and retail industry;
  • Actively tracks relevant news, legislative/regulatory action, and other industry activity and alerts Virginia Food Industry Association members via multiple channels and tools;
  • Drafts effective and timely position papers, Retail Week in Review, and Legislative Wrap-up at the end of session and other legislative communiqués as appropriate;
  • Monitors legislative committee meetings as needed and assembles witnesses to testify before legislative subcommittees; develops and presents testimony to the General Assembly as appropriate;
  • Effectively communicates with US Congressional staff on behalf of Virginia Food Industry Association’s federal issues and provides feedback as appropriate;
  • Thoroughly replies to all Virginia Food Industry Association member information requests;
  • Activates grassroots network on issues of importance to Virginia Food Industry Association;
  • Prepares reports on all relevant study committees and meetings during the interim;
  • Coordinates legislative and regulatory meetings with representatives from member companies (tours, etc.) on an as needed basis;

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Job posted: 2022-01-12