Federal Governmental Relations

08 Jul, 2022


Federal Governmental Relations

Texas Association of School Boards
Washington, D.C.

Request for Proposals:  Federal Governmental Relations Services


The Texas Association of School Boards, Inc. (TASB), a private, nonprofit association headquartered in Austin, Texas, is requesting proposals from qualified individuals and firms to provide federal governmental relations services that promote TASB’s interest before the federal government. TASB desires to enter into a professional services contract with a qualified individual or firm who can demonstrate competency and experience in providing federal governmental relations services. 


  • Scope of Services


In carrying out these services, the individual or firm will assist the division of Governmental Relations with representation, information gathering, strategic advice, and support services. The individual or firm will provide a flexible level of support, depending on the depth or scope of TASB’s legislative and regulatory priorities at any given time. The services focus on:

Governmental Relations 

    1. Provide a comprehensive range of governmental relations services on behalf of TASB before the federal legislative branch and regulatory agencies. 
    2. Review and analyze on a continuing basis all existing and proposed federal policies, programs, and legislation; identifying issues that may impact TASB and public education; and provide prompt notification of issues to the division of Governmental Relations.
    3. Represent TASB’s interests in Washington, D.C. by interacting with key members and staff of the legislative branch and with key members and staff of regulatory agencies. 
    4. Facilitate regular meetings between TASB and appropriate legislators and agencies to strengthen relationships. 
  • Coach TASB representatives, when necessary, on how to present testimony, interact with legislators, and be successful advocates in helping to advance goals; and,
  1. Plan a Texas federal day of advocacy that will include informative presentations on federal education issues, with opportunities to interact with members of the Texas Congressional delegation, federal lawmakers, congressional committee staff, regulatory agency personnel and other public education stakeholders.


    1. On a real-time basis, inform the division of Governmental Relations of developments coming out of the federal legislative branch and regulatory agencies that have potential impact on public education. 
    2. Be available in a timely manner in person, telephone, email, or online video conferencing to provide consultation and advice. 
    3. Represent TASB at federal committee hearings, or other meetings that may pertain to public education. 
    4. Participate as necessary either in-person, telephone, or online video conferencing in meetings with the division of Governmental Relations related to the development and implementation of goals. 
    5. Work with the division of Governmental Relations to prepare written communications that communicate positions on federal legislative and policy issues that apply; and, 
  • Provide legislative and policy research on legislative proposals and regulatory agency regulations pertaining to public education.

General Requirements

  1. Monitor federal legislation on education issues while working with lawmakers, specifically the Texas Congressional Delegation and staff on our behalf; and provide regular reports on federal legislation that we may share with our membership.
  2. Monitor congressional committee hearings on public education issues, specifically with the House Committee on Education and Labor, and the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, and any relevant committee action on legislation impacting public education; and, 
  3. Monitor federal regulatory agencies, specifically the US Department of Education, the US Department of Agriculture, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Justice, the Federal Emergency Management Administration, the Federal Communications Commission, the Department of Labor and the EEOC, the Department of Homeland Security and any other relevant regulatory agency on issues pertinent to Texas public schools. 


  • Qualifications


The selected governmental relations individual or firm should, at a minimum, possess the following: 

  1. A minimum of five years of professional governmental relations experience. 
  2. A strong working knowledge of legislative and regulatory processes at the federal level. 
  3. An understanding and knowledge of the funding needs and policy issues important to public education. 
  4. A history of successful governmental relations experience at the federal level. 
  5. A clear strategy for representing TASB with key federal legislators as well as regulatory agencies. 
  6. The ability to attend committee meetings, administrative hearings, and workshops.
  7. Resources to monitor legislative and regulatory developments. 
  8. Experience in identifying and securing various sources of federal funding; and, 
  9. Experience in coordinating communications and meetings with legislators and federal agencies.


  • Estimate for Services


Please present information on the individual’s or firm’s proposed fee schedule for the specifications offered in this request for proposal. Payment shall be made on a monthly basis, within thirty (30) days after receipt of billing statement.


  • Conflict of Interest


The individual or firm must disclose any association of the individual’s or firm’s clients with similar interest to TASB directly or indirectly such as Texas public education groups, Texas school districts, state school board associations, and any national groups or affiliates that focus on public education advocacy. A disclosure does not automatically result in the individual or firm being removed from consideration.


  • Due Date


Responses to this Request for Proposals are due by September 1, 2022 to Grover Campbell at grover.campbell@tasb.org or you may mail your response to:


Grover Campbell

Texas Association of School Boards

P.O. Box 400

Austin, TX 78767

For more information about TASB, please see our website at www.tasb.org. For specific questions about this Request for Proposal, contact Grover Campbell or Ruben Longoria at 512-478-4044.  

If a respondent is selected, the parties will reduce the terms of their agreement to writing in an engagement letter or similar signed agreement. Respondents should attach a sample copy of any form engagement letter or similar agreements used by the respondent. The individual or firm may not assign its rights and duties under the agreement without written consent of TASB. 

Thank you for your interest and response.

Job posted: 2022-07-08