Government Affairs Director

04 Jan, 2022


Government Affairs Director

Heat and Frost Insulators LMCT
Washington, DC

Government Affairs Director Job Description

The International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers plays a critical role in the construction and maintenance of North America’s infrastructure, especially as it relates to energy generation and conservation. From mechanical insulation and firestopping to asbestos and lead mitigation or abatement and other related technologies, the members have a considerable impact on commercial, industrial, medical, bio-technical, governmental, and educational facilities. Consequently, it is imperative that this union’s over 25,000 skilled construction workers have a government affairs team that is constantly working to engage them, and advocate on their behalf, with elected officials at the local, state, provincial and federal levels of government. Therefore, this organization is hiring an in-house Government Affairs Director to further develop and lead its lobbying, political communications, grassroots and political programs throughout the United States and Canada.

The Position

This position, Government Affairs Director (GAD) is the union’s senior government affairs position responsible for leading the union’s government affairs team which contains the lobbying, political communications, grassroots and political programs. While the federal and state lobbying is overseen and executed daily by two other staff members (reporting to the director), this position will be expected to implement the necessary daily activities associated with advancing the union’s political communications, grassroots and political programs. The GAD will also provide senior Union and Labor Management Cooperative Trust (LMCT) leadership, vision and strategic direction to the government affairs team to fulfill its primary role; advancing the union’s public policy agendas before all levels of government in the United States and Canada. The GAD will also serve as a liaison to other business and labor organizations and an advisor to the union’s leadership and other stakeholders as needed. The GAD reports directly to the LMCT Executive Director and the LMCT Board of Directors.


The government affairs team leads the international union’s advocacy efforts which focus primarily on the federal government. It also encourages collaboration among its local unions, provides resources and other assistance to its local unions in their capacity to advocate for public policy before local, state, or provincial governments. This team also creates grassroots campaigns to motivate union members to engage with their elected officials for the purpose of proactively advancing or defeating legislative and regulatory policies impacting their jobs – at any level of government.


• Facilitates the development and accomplishment of strategic goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, programs and/or projects that support the advocacy elements of the union’s organizing strategies plan, operating plan and operating budget to advance the mechanical insulation industry.

• Provides leadership to, and direction of, the government affairs team’s operation and programs, including the effective management of current programming and related activities, identification of new programs and initiatives as needed, and development/deployment of appropriate resources to fulfill the union’s government affairs goals and objectives.

• Facilitates, supports and maintains involvement with the government affairs needs of the union’s various standing committees and taskforces and other union volunteer leadership groups as assigned and needed.

• Provides advice and counsel to the union’s leadership on sensitive and timely political and public policy issues and keeps them informed of relevant trends and developments in the political and policy arenas.

• Evaluates progress of the government affairs team’s programs and projects against established benchmarks (deadlines, deliverables, etc.) and provides quarterly reports to the union’s leadership.

• Serves as liaison on legislative, regulatory and political advocacy issues and programs to allied and collateral organizations as needed.

• Directs the government affairs team budgeting process for all assigned programs and projects by compiling and reviewing project budget submissions; monitoring and analyzing on-going fiscal progress and working closely with union leadership to achieve financial and programmatic goals.

• Manages at least two staff on the government affairs team, a federal in-house lobbyist and state government affairs representative, and conducts performance appraisals, making compensation recommendations and facilitating opportunities for professional development for that staff (if needed). As needed, may manage contract lobbyists.

• Participates or leads cross-union team meetings as needed.

• Must develop significant strategic knowledge on issues of concern to the union’s members as well as an in-depth knowledge of the union’s organization, its operations and programs.

Political Communications and Member Mobilization

The Government Affairs Director is the lead for the union’s political communications and member mobilization – all for the purpose of helping to advance the union’s public policy agenda by building member engagement in legislative, regulatory and political advocacy through specific initiatives that get members engaged in advocacy and provides tools and training to members as well as international and local union leadership to build a strong advocacy culture and infrastructure.

• Develops and implements a comprehensive multi-year strategic plan that continuously engages and increases member participation in grassroots activities in order to:

o Advance the union’s public policy agenda at the local, state, provincial and federal levels of government and

o Establish a culture of advocacy throughout the union.

• Develop and manage grassroots advocacy budget, strategic plan, programs and projects.

• Works with state and federal focused policy staff and local unions to develop and deploy concurrent “issues based” messaging

o To educate members on the union’s engagement on their behalf and

o Advance one or more specific policy agenda items.

• Conducts periodic assessment of the grassroots and member mobilization capabilities of the international and local unions and may conduct “train the trainer” classes to help them execute grassroots and member mobilization campaigns.

• Development and utilization of PACE (Political and Civil Engagement), a LMCT educational course designed for the local union leadership to understand and convey the importance of political engagement.

• Develop and deploy a new multi-year messaging and communications campaign to reframe and rebrand the union’s government affairs and advocacy efforts for the purpose of increasing member engagement in ’s efforts to lobby on public policy issues at all levels of government.

• Develop and implement a multi-year strategy and initiative(s) to increase the international’s and local union’s use effective use of technology for their member mobilization and grassroots advocacy efforts, such as text messaging and social media.

• Attend various meetings at multiple levels to offer updates and activities. GAD will also submit monthly activity reports to the LMCT.

• Analyze existing government affairs team needs and develop a comprehensive strategy for advocacy outreach communications and member engagement using software/Web- and mobile-based technology to communicate with members and activate member participation in grassroots advocacy activities and campaigns.

• Develop and oversee the written and visual content redevelopment of the union’s government affairs webpage on or, which should include the seamless integration of technology/software to increase and track member advocacy on issues impacting them.

• Other duties as assigned by LMCT Executive Director.

Political Program

The Government Affairs Director is the lead for the union’s political affairs program, notably its political fundraising and contributions as well as the quantity and quality of relationships with elected officials at the local, state, provincial and federal levels of government.

• Develop and implement ’s political affairs strategic plan to

o Increase political fundraising at the local, state, and federal levels while

o Increase, retain, and manage the quality and quantity of union members’ political relationships with elected officials at all levels of government.

• Develop and implement a comprehensive multi-year strategy that continuously increases member contributions to the union’s federal political action committee (PAC) and soft money funds.

• Integrate political fundraising for the PAC and soft money fund into grassroots advocacy activities throughout a calendar year and the two-year federal election cycle.

• Create an ongoing strategic messaging and communications campaign with a refreshed, rebranded, and consistent message regarding the importance of engaging with elected officials due to members’ being impacted by public policy issues

• Work closely with other teams in the union to adequately understand the union’s local, state, federal, and international public policy agendas in order to speak consistently about the mechanical insulation industry to elected officials.

• Develop and deploy a multi-year strategy to increase the union’s use of technology to mobilize members for political campaigns and to advance the public policy agenda. Ex: text messaging and social media.

• Develop and implement a multi-year work plan to build political relationships at the local, state, and federal levels.

• Routinely build and execute union sponsored political fundraising events primarily for incumbents or candidates for Congress, but also for select incumbents or candidates for elected office at the state and local level. Most of these events would be DC based, but as needed, may occur in other cities or states in coordination with local unions.

• GAD will be the lead staffer to the Democratic Governors Association, Republican Governors Association, Republican Legislative Campaign Committee, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee as well as other political groups, campaign committees, and organizations at the local, state, and federal levels.

• Routinely identify and execute opportunities to leverage ’s relationships with unions, trade associations or other organizations to build the union’s influence at the local, state, and federal levels of government.

• Provide timely detailed intel, election trends, and race-by-race analyses, including candidate profiles as necessary, primarily for members of Congress, but also certain local and state races.

• Works closely with the union’s Secretary-Treasurer and compliance staff in charge of the PAC and soft money fund; responsible for ensuring the union is compliant with all election laws, campaign finance laws, and overall recordkeeping and reporting responsibilities.

• GAD shall provide accurate intel, advice, guidance, and recommendations for where and when the union’s PAC and soft money fund should invest financially.

• Other duties as assigned.


• Substantial and advanced knowledge of the United States political system at all levels of government and grassroots advocacy / member engagement strategies. Union political experience is a plus, but not required.

• Superior communication skills (written and verbal).

• Significant work experience in high-profile organizations that emphasize grassroots advocacy and organizing to advance their public policy agenda.

• Expert ability to successfully manage, execute, and complete multiple priorities and responsibilities in a timely manner.

• Demonstrated & advanced knowledge of the United States political system and the impact of political fundraising at all levels of government.

• Exceptional understanding and managerial experience of how to successfully fundraise and allocate hard and soft money.

• Established track record of raising money for labor, corporate, or association PACs.

• Demonstrated ability to speak extemporaneously before groups to inform, persuade or influence.

• Proven skills in communicating complex ideas both in writing and orally, including analyzing complex subjects quickly, researching and providing logical presentations both orally and in writing.

• Demonstrated skill (with a proven track record), in facilitation, team building, collaborative problem solving, conflict resolution, and negotiation as well as active listening.

• Proven ability to successfully manage multiple priorities and responsibilities.

• Demonstrated success working in a team environment through coordination and communication of delegated responsibilities; communicating ideas and issues with tact and diplomacy; and resolving problems collaboratively among internal stakeholders (ex: union members), partner organizations/agencies, and internal union or organization staff.

• Demonstrated experience in leading change through vision and innovation, driving results, anticipating challenges and identifying solutions, building a culture of collaborative teamwork, exhibiting strong leadership/mentorship skills, employing analytical thinking, and effectively using diplomacy to work with a diverse membership and volunteer leaders.

• Demonstrated skill in designing and implementing cross-team strategies.

• Significant work experience in organizations that prioritize the importance of political fundraising as well as political relationship building.

• Considerable knowledge and familiarity with FEC regulations and campaign finance laws overall.

• Broad network of political contacts, both elected and non-elected, at all three levels of government nationwide is preferred.

• Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, including competence in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.


• Ten to fifteen years employment in government affairs, political communications, elections and political campaign management and/or fundraising, of which a preferred minimum of eight must be in one or more jobs in which the incumbent has managerial experience executing one or more of the responsibilities described herein and required for this position.

• Knowledge of labor unions and experience working in or with them, especially ones in the building trades, is preferred, but not required.

• Bachelor’s degree in political science, public policy or a related field is preferred but not required

• Basic understanding of the mechanical insulation industry and affiliated crafts represented by the union is a plus, but not required.

• Some travel required

Common Contacts


• Union officers and staff; government affairs, field services, apprenticeship training, communications, outside consultants such as legal counsel, NABTU’s Legislative Task Force and other standing committees

• NABTU’s 13 other affiliate building trades labor unions; lobbyists, policy and political staff, principals

• AFL-CIO government affairs staff and member unions’ principals and staff and the AFL-CIO’s Energy Committee


• Executive and legislative branch appointed / elected officials at the local, state, provincial and federal levels of government


• Political groups, NABTU, AFL-CIO, campaign committees, and organizations at the local, state, provincial and federal levels of government


• Energy industry trade associations and climate-related organizations; lobbyists, policy staff, principals

About the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers

Founded almost 120 years ago, the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers represents over 25,000 skilled craft workers primarily in the mechanical insulation trade.

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