GRA Government Affairs

14 Dec, 2020


GRA Government Affairs

International Flavors & Fragrances
Philadelphia, PA
Job Description

IFF is looking for a new team member to develop and execute the new IFF Government Affairs strategy to support US business initiatives: monitor, communicate, and positively Influence US legislative agendas and outcomes on international trade, food security, food-, feed-, pharma-, chemical- and environmental safety, labeling/transparency initiatives, and promotion of the bio-based economy at both the US federal level and for relevant US States (e.g., states where the company has key manufacturing sites like WV or where restrictive measures may be initiated, e.g., CA, NY) via relevant trade associations, NGOs and other stakeholders to influence US Federal and State Government entities.

In this position, you will distil complex technology acceptance issues into actionable steps to influence legislative agenda and outcomes. Work with competitors and other industry stakeholders to collaborate on advocacy positions that protects IFF interests. Ability to clearly communicate the benefits of IFF’s positions to the broader industry, creating partnerships, negotiating positions. Gather the facts and align with local influencers (e.g., chamber of commerce or manufacturers’ association) to influence state legislators with focus on risk-proportionate approach to manage the issue. Lead external GA and RSA initiatives together with relevant internal stakeholders such as RAPS, site staff, Quality, and other relevant business partners. Establish and maintain internal and external relations in relevant policy networks, building stable and trusted relations with key trade associations (e.g., ACC, BIO, US Chamber of Commerce), policy makers, and other stakeholders. Establish and execute advocacy strategy through trade associations (like ACC, ACI, Consumer Brands, BIO) with US federal and state governmental bodies, and with agencies and NGOs impacting trade, such as USDA, FAO/WHO, ILSI, Convention for Biodiversity, etc.identify and communicate current or emerging issues or changes in legislation of strategic importance to the new IFF. Ensure both internal alignment and external coordination with relevant stakeholder groups, such as ACC, Consumer Brands, BIO, with delivery of timely and appropriate new IFF positions; in alignment with the Global RAPS Issue Management Team, and where needed in consultation with other business members and relevant external organisations such as other trade associations, governmental & international organisations, NGOs.


Job Requirements
  • Bachelor degree in the Sciences or Political Science, Law or Public Affairs or equivalent.
  • 8-10 years’ experience in Government Affairs of Public Affairs strategic roles such as advocacy, communications, regulatory affairs.
  • Relevant network and experience in dealing with legislative branch at federal or State level.

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Job posted: 2020-12-14