Internal Communications Specialist

07 Oct, 2020


Internal Communications Specialist

Food for the Hungry
Phoenix, AZ

FH Heartbeat

At Food for the Hungry, we operate under a set of guiding principles we call “The Heartbeat.” This includes our Values, Vision and Purpose, which serve as the explanation of who we are and how we work as an organization. Together we follow God’s call responding to human suffering and graduating communities from extreme poverty.

Job Summary

Responsible to develop and execute FH’s internal communication strategy in line with the global strategy, change management best practices, and Heartbeat culture, while ensuring a “corporate voice” permeates messaging. Work alongside Global Human Resources, maintain consistent, aligned and meaningful flow of information and stories to uphold the Values, Vision and Purpose of FH, and support the global strategy.

Principal Responsibilities

•    Develop the Framework tools, processes, systems and communications necessary to ensure employees are adequately informed, inspired and engaged.

•    Edit and enhance internal communication materials, including intranet, newsletters, emails/memos, webcasts and speeches delivering a holistic view of FH, while keeping staff informed and invested in the purpose of FH.

•    Work closely with executive leadership team and departments to keep abreast of company developments and trends.

•    Advise and assist leadership by supporting critical messaging for internal stakeholders and leverage two-way communication between staff and leadership.

•    Serve as a humble guide and coach for leaders as they seek to inform staff; coordinate internal communication efforts with those provided by others who focus on external communications.

•    Lead the management, maintenance, and stakeholder support of FH Connect, FH’s intranet. This involves ensuring information is updated regularly, governing information for the distribution to appropriate internal stakeholders, interfacing with technical teams for system upkeep and troubleshooting, and acting as customer support for users of the intranet.

•    Leverage data to evaluate the impact of communication strategies to influence the focus and direction of future strategies.

•    Promote learning events, development programs, media coverage, and ways for staff to get involved in building culture across a global organization.

•    Provide emergency communications support for disaster responses and critical incidents.

•    Work with stakeholders to ensure the proper and efficient flow of communication and information amongst response teams, as well as informing global stakeholders.

•    Draft situation reports and internal alerts by compiling information from approved sources.

•    Other duties as assigned.

Job Level Specifications

•    Vibrant personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a Christian commitment to serving the poor and in full agreement with FH’s Christian beliefs expressed in The Heartbeat.

•    Demonstrated computer operating skills, including proficiency in Google platforms, Microsoft Office products, and virtual technologies such as Skype and/or Zoom.

•    Ability to sit/stand at a computer for up to 8 hours a day doing repetitive motions on a keyboard.

•    Build relationships with, and manage a diverse group of stakeholders across the global organization.

•    Partner with leadership to establish strategic plans and objectives and best practices to communicate initiatives globally.

•    Work on complex issues where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth knowledge of the organization.

•    Participates in corporate development of methods, techniques, and evaluation criteria for projects, programs, and people.

•    Develop professional expertise, apply company policies and procedures to resolve a variety of issues.

•    Continues to build knowledge of the organization, processes, customers and experience in own discipline.

•    Work on problems of moderate scope where analysis of situations or data requires review of a variety of factors.

•    Exercise judgment within defined procedures and practices to determine appropriate action. Build productive internal/external working relationships.

•    Receive moderate level of instruction and guidance for routine work. May receive more detailed instructions on new projects or assignments.

•    Demonstrated strong project management skills.


•    Typically, 5+ years of experience in internal communications.

•    Prior experience in a global organization is preferred.

•    Non-profit ministry experience is a plus.


•    Bachelor’s degree required.

Safeguarding Policy

Food for the Hungry is committed to conducting its programs and operations in a manner that is safe for all beneficiaries it serves. It is FH’s policy to create and proactively maintain an environment that prevents and deters any actions and omissions that put any beneficiaries, including children and the most vulnerable at risk. All personnel are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with this commitment and obligation. Any violations of this policy could result in termination.

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Job posted: 2020-10-07