Kosovo Senior Advisor

29 Sep, 2020


Kosovo Senior Advisor

A. Prentice Ray & Associates
Washington, DC

Through GDRP, the United States seeks to provide one (1) Senior Advisor embedded in Kosovo’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) focus on strategic legislative coordination, information sharing for decision-making, and principles of good governance to include transparency and accountability.

The Senior Advisor shall provide expert guidance and advise the MoD to execute on the priorities set forth by the MoD on legislative coordination, information sharing, and reform.


TASK A. Review and Update GDRP Country Action Plan (CAP):


The GDRP CAP is a detailed roadmap to achieving long-term reform objectives. The GDRP CAP will be provided to the Senior Advisor prior to the Senior Advisor’s arrival in-country. The Senior Advisor, in coordination with the ODC and in close collaboration with Kosovo’s working-level counterparts, will
review and update the GDRP CAP as necessary within thirty days (30) of arrival in-country.

To review and update the GDRP CAP, the Advisor shall launch a process with identified working level counterparts and stakeholders to review this existing document and update as/if
necessary. The purpose of the GDRP CAP document is to provide a high-level overview, milestones, and proposed timeline of the actions (tasks) and steps needed to be taken over multiple years to
achieve partner nations’ desired state of affairs, in relation to the project goal, and shall not be limited by advisors’ period of performance. Therefore, the review and update of the GDRP a CAP will validate prior efforts and provide any adjustments as needed to ensure continued progress toward achieving the stated project goal.

The GDRP CAP shall be reviewed and updated in partnership with the Kosovo MoD and in close coordination with the Political Section of the U.S. Embassy, ODC, and GDRP program office. The updated GDRP CAP shall be reviewed by Kosovo MoD senior leadership for concurrence and approved by the GDRP Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR). The Senior Advisor shall advise the U.S. Embassy of any steps needed to build the necessary political support for any changes and process identified during this review.

The Contractor may be required to provide reach-back support to the Senior Advisor, should the Senior Advisor identify short-term training requirements or other advisory support services to
address gaps found during this review.


TASK B: Develop and regularly update a Work Plan


The ODC and the GDRP Program Office shall agree on the overall goals and objectives in the Work Plan. The Senior Advisor is required to update the Work Plan throughout the period of performance should there be any changes to this plan. Any changes to the Work Plan will need prior approval from the GDRP program office prior to implementation.

A template for the Work Plan will be provided by the GDRP Program Office during the Senior Advisor’s orientation in Washington, D.C. and shall be completed and updated by the Senior Advisor. The Work Plan shall connect the activities of the Advisor to the overall GDRP CAP. While the GDRP CAP may require a multi-year effort that extends beyond the Senior Advisor’s period of performance, the Work Plan shall focus specifically on the Senior Advisor’s own deliverables and tasks during their period of performance.

The Senior Advisor is required to brief the U.S. Embassy team regularly (at least on a monthly basis or more often as requested by the ODC), which shall include at minimum the Political Section and ODC. The Senior Advisor is required to brief on what steps or engagements have been made over the last thirty (30) days, what steps or engagements are planned for the next thirty (30) days, and highlight any issues or areas where the Senior Advisor could use support from the U.S. Embassy team to build required political support or momentum. The Senior Advisor shall provide a summary monthly report, to include but not limited to key accomplishments steps and planned engagements to the GDRP Program Office. Updated work plans shall be emailed monthly to ODC, the Contracting Officer (CO), COR, and the GDRP Program Office.


TASK C:Provide advisory services to implement the CAP

The Senior Advisor shall act as the trusted guide for the Kosovo MoD. The Senior Advisor shall provide technical assistance and expert guidance and advise the MoD to execute the CAP.

The ultimate goals of the advisory services are to:

  • Promote broad interaction among stakeholder agencies (focusing on MoD and Parliament) to identify and formalize legislative organizations and partnerships, legislative liaison best practices, and other efforts that contribute to enhanced strategic legislative coordination, decision-making, and good governance.
  • Improve MoD’s legislative liaison organizational capabilities to effectively manage resources and define sustainable solutions for future requirements, to include further developing a Legislative Liaison
    position and institutionalizing a sustainable legislative liaison capacity within the MoD.
  • As part of their advisory services, the Senior Advisor shall attend MoD staff meetings and planning sessions. As appropriate, the Senior Advisor shall interface with other international advisors to stay current on needs and help the KSF de-conflict assistance requirements.


TASK D:Provide ongoing monitoring and reporting
The Senior Advisor shall closely track progress against the Work Plan, which should be captured in monthly progress reports and the tracking and maintenance of a Performance Monitoring
Framework (PMF) due to the ODC and GDRP program office no later than the 5thday of the month for the month prior. The Senior Advisor will work with the GDRP Program Office to finalize the PMF for the project that identifies clear metrics for assessing achievement of project outputs, outcomes and impacts. The Senior Advisor shall begin monitoring and collecting data for all indicators, as determined by the Department of State GDRP Program Office after arrival at Post. Data collection shall be conducted on a regular and continuing basis from the time that the PMF is approved until the contract is completed.

As part of their advisory services, the Senior Advisor shall attend MoD staff meetings and planning sessions. As appropriate, the Senior Advisor shall interface with other international
military advisors to stay current on needs, and help the KSF de-conflict assistance requirements.




  • Master’s degree AND at least six (6) years prior professional experience working in public policy, legislative affairs, intergovernmental affairs, or other relevant specialized discipline(s)


  • Bachelor’s degree AND at least ten (10) years of prior professional experience working in the relevant specialized discipline(s).
  • Two (2) years’ hands-on U.S. military legislative coordination management, or civilian Legislative Coordination, experience.
  • Two (2) years’ experience advising foreign militaries or governments at a level commensurate with the work described above.
  • Two (2) years’ experience providing training overseas.
  • Two (2) years’ experience working in service, combatant, and strategic level headquarters (e.g. OSD, Joint Staff, and/or COCOM staff.
  • Prior demonstrated professional experience authoring and reviewing legislative language and experience writing business documents,such as reports, SITREPs, briefings, AARs, memoranda, letters, electronic mail, and training material, for consumption by military Commanders or civilian managers.
  • Prior demonstrated professional experience presenting briefings, SITREPs, training, and AARs for consumption by military Commanders or civilian managers.
  • Prior demonstrated professional experience in establishing and implementing a legislative liaison capacity or other similar capacity.
  • Two (2) years experience working or living abroad.
  • Ability to obtain and maintain a SECRET clearance issued by the Defense
    Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) prior to contract performance.
  • U.S. citizen.

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Job posted: 2020-09-29